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autismI recently received the book Living Autism day by day: Daily Reflections and Strategies to Give You Hope and Courage by Pamela Bryson-Weaver.  This is a different book because it is more like a daily devotional – only with Autism as the focus.


Bryson-Weaver’s book offers compassionate, concise daily readings on autism awareness, self-awareness, practical advice, humor, anecdotes, paradoxes, tips, inspiring quotes, and a way to discover the blessings of autism. The reader is given researched facts and additional resources to follow up on any information they choose to focus on. From a parent’s perspective, Living autism is an indispensable reference on the things you need to know about autism, and is a resource you can turn to again and again.

My Thoughts:

While I do not have an autistic kid I have done some research through the years.  I have friends who are facing the challenges daily of autism and how it affects their lives.  In our home we work with Sensory Processing Disorder.  I really like how this book is so gentle.  It is just  a tiny bit of reading each day.  There is a spot on each page for you to write down your feeling about the topic or just the day in general.  It is dated, so you could look back and know exactly where you were on each date.  I think this would be a fabulous gift for a parent facing a new diagnosis.  I also think that it could be a valuable gift for a child down the road, when they were older to see how their parents handled this new journey for their lives.

Living Autism day by day: Daily Reflections and Strategies to Give You Hope and Courage is available at your local book retailer or online at stores like Amazon.

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