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I Am Abraham Lincoln Book & Activities

We have been learning about a different president every week to get ready for President’s Day.  This past week was spent learning about Abraham Lincoln.  With my boys being different ages, we have used a variety of books to extend our lessons.  One book in particular that I want to share with you is, “I Am Abraham Lincoln” . This book is part of the Ordinary People Change the World Series written by Bread Meltzer.  I wasn’t familiar with this series until recently and have been blown away by it.  Abraham

“I am Abraham Lincoln” not only tells the story of Abraham, but it also sends an amazing lessons to children. It reminds children throughout the book that there are many forms of strengths, but nothing is quite as strong as standing up for what someone who needs it.

About the book:

Abraham Lincoln was a kid who stood up to bullies and believed in fairness for everyone.  he was president during one of America’s toughest fights: the Civil War.  With his powerful voice and believe that all people are created equal, he brought the country back together, ended slavery, and became one of America’s greatest presidents.

Abraham Lincoln Activities

Along with the book we added a few fun activities.  First, we had to make a mobile that shows the cabin Abraham Lincoln was born in, his dog, his wife and his four boys.  Instead of placing Abraham Lincoln in the mobile, the boys decided we should just use his hat.  

It was pretty simple to put together.  I have the character template on the bottom that can be downloaded.  Other than that, we used just string and a coffee lid. 


They also decided that we should reenact the Civil War. However, we did run into a little problem with that one.  Since they know the outcome of the war, no one wanted to be the South. Everyone wanted to win.  In the end though, they had a blast and walked away with added knowledge as well. We got our Civil War set here.civilwar1

Last but not least, we used milk cartons, peanut butter and pretzels to create a log cabin since Abraham Lincoln was born in a small one room cabin in Kentucky. We hot glue gunned the milk cartons shut and used a thin layer of peanut butter to get the pretzels to stick. For the chimney, we used a Rolo mini that we happen to have left over from the holidays.cabin

Along with all these fun activities we also talked about his favorite foods, which so happen to be some of our favorites as well.  I mean, who doesn’t love bacon, apples and gingerbread men, right?  


>>>>FREE Abraham Lincoln Printable<<<<

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Abraham lincoln printable


Abraham Lincoln


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Samantha has been blogging for over 8 years and is a wife and homeschool mom of 4 from North Carolina.

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  1. Wendy @ Ladybug Daydreams

    I would like to win because my children adore biographies but haven’t read any in awhile.

    1. Samantha

      Mine love reading biographies as well. I love finding kid-friendly ones.

  2. Shecki @ Greatly Blessed

    These look like they would be fun for my 3rd grader to read during quiet time.

    1. Samantha

      We have the set and I love them! Some books are longer than others so depending on the book we break it up into a couple of days.

  3. Cassandra Holdeman

    I think my kids would really love this series.

  4. zekesmom10

    I love reading biographies to the boys. (It looks good on our report to the state, too!)
    I know a lot of Civil War reenactors. I had to laugh that none of your kids wanted to be the south. I understand real reenactors tend to have the opposite problem. Sometimes, at events, they have to ask confederate soldiers to play union soldiers. Even the Canadian reenactors are often southern soldiers. 🙂 I guess it’s just more fun to be a rebel.

    1. Samantha

      We have read a lot of nonfiction and biographies over the past couple of years. A few months ago my eight-year old told me that he likes reading those over fiction. Talk about one happy mom 🙂

      I know..right? My husband was like “You’re from the South..you should want to be on the South’s side” haha. The only way our five-year old would be the South was if he won. He explained to us that it was a pretend battle and he kept changing the rules until he won. haha. Kids are funny for sure.

  5. Lori H

    Biographies are a wonderful way to increase knowledge and understanding. My girls all enjoy reading bios and this series is great. I’ve looked at them but we do not own any.

  6. Brittney

    I would love to win these for my boys! My 6 year old particularly loves non-fiction. Plus, I love Lucille Ball, and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a children’s biography on her!

    1. Samantha

      It was a really fun read. This was the first one I had seen on her.

  7. D Schmidt

    I would like to win because I know my children would be fascinated by the characters.

  8. Kristie

    They look like great books to help the kids learn about important people in history! 🙂

  9. Renee Knoblauch

    My family loves history and I think this would be awesome.

  10. Laurie Emerson

    I would love to win these as not only could we share them as a family but I could also share them with my first graders.

  11. Allison Laughlin

    I LOVE learning about history, and I would love to share that passion with my kids!

  12. Linda Bradshaw

    I would love to have this for my grandkids. I know they would love it. Their mom will not let them do much tv and video games.

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