Apr 26

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We Are Loving Petco’s Repeat Delivery Service

Our little Lola came into our lives six years ago when she was only six-weeks old. To us, she is family and we’re pretty sure that she is convinced she has human siblings. As parents, don’t we want what’s best for the ones we love? Since Lola is part of our family as well, we also want to provide what’s best for her. This is why we were thrilled when we learned #PetcoDelivers!
Petco Delivers

We live in a very small town with our nearest Petco being 2 hours away, which means we can’t just run to the store and grab a bag of her favorite food when she starts running low. In the past, we have always had to plan a day trip per say in order to get her food and other supplies. That was until Petco started offering Repeat Delivery. This service is very simple to use and we no longer have to plan day trips around picking our little girl’s supplies.

Since we always purchase the same types of food and supplies for her, we know exactly how long before she runs one. The beauty of the Repeat Delivery Service from Petco.com is that I can have each item scheduled to ship at a different time. For example, I have her food scheduled to ship every month, her treats every two weeks, and additional other supplies every six-weeks. This is such a convenient service and it’s easy to change. If for some reason we used more, or less of an item in a given time frame, I can easily go in and adjust our delivery time. If by chance I order an item and she decides that she is no longer a fan, I can easily cancel that item.

She was so excited,she hard a hard time sitting still for a pic.

She was so excited,she hard a hard time sitting still for a pic.

Not only is this an amazing time-saver, but a money-saver as well. Right now, when you sign up for Repeat Delivery you will receive up to 20% off certain items for your pet, and also receive a $30 eGift Card with any purchase over $39! To quality for this awesome offer, first-time customers must sign-up and place their repeat delivery order before Saturday, April 20, 2016. How easy is that?

We also found the shipping pretty fast. I placed my order on Monday and received our shipment on Thursday via UPS. I’m sure shipping time varies depending on your location, but we were very happy with the quick turnaround.

We will definitely continue our worry-free Repeat Delivery and highly recommend it to anyone that may have a hard time getting to the store for their pet supplies. You won’t regret it.

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  1. Heather

    I had no idea this service existed, I should definitely try it for supplies for our 2 cats! 🙂

  2. Alice

    This looks like a great product…going to have to check this out

  3. Deanna Jasper

    I’m always looking for ways to make life easier! Sounds like a great service.

  4. Kemi

    Oh Lola is soooo cute. This sounds like a great service.

  5. Mami2jcn

    This is a very convenient service.

  6. Julie Wood

    How awesome that Petco delivers! I did not know this and it would be a great service for me to get my pet supplies delivered!

  7. Deann

    Well this is cool! I didn’t know they did this!

  8. Elena

    I would like to try this service

  9. Kim Henrichs

    This is a super handy service. Having six kitties and a dog – I’m always in need of Petco loot!

  10. Kelly D

    I would like using the #PetcoDelivers service since it would save me a lot of time.

  11. Erica B

    What an adorable puppy!!

  12. Dandi D

    We don’t have any pets, but this sounds like a great deal!

  13. ReneeK

    Wow, no more driving into town for pet food! Love it.

  14. Cassandra Holdeman

    I had no idea they had this service.

  15. Austin Baroudi

    This seems great! Thanks for sharing and thanks so much for the chance!

  16. Melissa Langley

    Awesome, I didn’t know this existed either! Gotta love things that make life easier!

  17. Stephanie Grant

    Love this! It could save me time and hassle of trying to take my Boxer Loki in store for his food!

  18. zekesmom10

    What a great service. Thanks for the chance.

  19. Angela Saver

    I love that this is not only a time-saver, but it is also a money-saver, so it’s a win-win! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I can’t wait to try it!

  20. Leela

    I have a lot of pets so this would be an awesome time saver!

  21. Jenn

    Sounds like a neat service!

  22. Deanna

    We have a cat and dog and therefore, would really benefit from Petco’s Repeat Delivery Service. 😉

  23. Debra

    Huh, did not know about this at all. It would be one way to get cat food regularly!!

  24. renee

    I love the idea of having heavy bags of cat food delivered to my door rather than me having to lug them around a store.

  25. Tamra H

    Would be much more convenient for us to have Petco deliver than running to the store all the time! Going to have to look into this.

  26. Missica Pullen

    I had no idea this was a thing!

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