Build Your Own Video Game With Bloxels

We have another AMAZING product to present to you today from Timberdoodle. The minute that Bloxels arrived at our door, my boys have been hooked.bloxels

What is Bloxels?
Bloxels is a hands-on design game that encourages your child to use their imagination to create their own video game. How cool is that, right?

Not only are they using their imagination to create these amazing boards, but they are also combining writing, art, animation, design, and logic into one program. I can’t tell you how many times my boys have designed a board, only to find out that it isn’t going to work properly. If they test it and aren’t happy with it, then they go back to the “old drawing board” and tackle it again. It simply provides hours of fun.

How do you play Bloxels?
While Bloxels is similiar to a video game, it also adds creativity and imagination. They aren’t just building on the screen, but they are building hands-on and then bringing their creations to life.

Bloxels board gives your child the opportunity to arange color-coded blogs representing different elements of the game. You have explosions, enemies, walls and even pixelated characters. Once they create their character or world, they simply use the app to take a photo of the board. Once a photo has been take, it then transforms everything into a fully functional video game. They can add tons of different rooms to their game and let their imagination run wild.bloxels7

Our overall thoughts:
I’m not one to say this first off, but this is one of our top product recommendations! Both of my boys (1st & 4th grade) love this game. It’s amazing the boards and characters that they can come up, and when they both pitch in togethher I’m always blown away. They create crazy and cool characters and boards, and just have so much fun with it.

Not only do they like creating their own boards and challenging each other, but often I’ll find them playing the games that are included with the FREE app download needed to use Bloxels.

Check out our video on how Bloxels work:

Bloxels is part of the Timberdoodle 2nd Grade Curriculum Kit, but can be purchased separately for $49.95. If you have a kid that loves building type games, then this product will not disappoint.




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