Camping Activities For Kids

Our family loves going tent camping and just enjoying the great outdoors. While the boys most of the time run around pretending sticks are swords and they are fighting dragons, they do enjoy a few games as well.

Here are some of the games that we play while camping, that doesn’t require a lot of additional packing.Camping Activities for Kids

One Word Story Around the Campfire:
Seriously, this is one of their favorites. At night, when we all gather around the campfire for popcorn or roasted marshmallows, One Word Story kicks off. Each person adds one word as we go around the circle to make a story. The stories can get crazy for sure, but they are super fun.

Nature Tic-Tac-Toe:
Who doesn’t enjoy a good game of Tic-Tac-Toe? Why not make it more fun by using sticks, rocks, pine cones or anything you may run across at your campsite.

Explorer Journal
My oldest is big on nature. He loves writing down different plants we run across, trees, and even animals. He has a little journal size notebook that he makes notes on and snaps a picture with my phone. Once we get home, we research it more and over time he has created quit the Explorer Journal.

Bubble Blowing
While I do pack at little as necessary, I always toss a couple of bubble wands into the car. They slide right into the pocket on the door, but provide hours of fun.

Cloud Watching:
This is so much fun. Especially on a hot day. Grabbing a blanket, laying the shade and just watching the clouds float by. It’s always fun finding fun shapes in the clouds.

Scavenger Hunt
Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt. Anytime we are in the woods, we always point out the things we see. Snail Shells, tiny pine cones, rocks, moss. You name it and they love pointing it out. We always tell our boys to leave nature in nature, so we never bring home our findings. However, if they want to add it to their journal, why not snap a picture? They could even take the FREE Printable Scavenger Hunt List and a pencil to check it off their list.Scavenger1


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