The Pajaggle! Board Game

I love finding fun and educational games to add to our homeschool, and recently we received The Pajaggle! Board Game from Timberdoodle.pajaggle board game

What is Pajaggle?
Pajaggle is a super fun combination of a puzzle and a game designed for ages 8+. The deluxe version that we received comes with:

8.5″x12″ Tournament Board
61 lime green game pieces
61 orange game pieces
Pajaggle playbookpajaggle2

How is it played?
There are actually a few different ways that this can be played. As I mentioned earlier, it is also a puzzle and can be used like one. This is how my five-year old plays it, but if you wanted more variety you could play:

Handwars (1+ set pieces)
This game is one that my husband and nine-year old battle with. If you have the deluxe version then each player gets different colored pieces, however you can play this game with the standard Pajaggle set as well. At the word “GO” players attempt to place their pieces into each related socket first with the final Pajaggle centerpiece played last. Player with the fewest remaining pieces not placed in the board wins.

Stepping Stones (1 set pieces)
Place Pajaggle board between player 1 & 2, and place Pajaggle pieces to the right or left of the Pajaggle board. Each player in two different directions attempt to navigate across the Pajaggle board by inserting the adjacent Pajaggle pieces across the board. First person across the entire board wins.

Block-N-Bridge (2 Set Pieces)
The goal of this game is to attempt to connect colored insert pieces to form a pathway from one side of the board to the other, by navigating around barriers (small circles on the face of the board). This is played as a two player game.

Countdown (1+ set pieces)
Set the timer for one minute and see how many pieces you can put in place before time run out. This can be played as a one or more player game.

Time (1+ set pieces)
Dump the pieces onto table. Team/player 1 places pieces into matching holes as fast as possible. Team/player 2 follows doing the same. The team with the best time wins.

Overall thoughts:
Not only do our kids enjoy this game, but my husband and I enjoy it as well. We are a competitive family, so being about to play this game in that way at times is perfect for us.pajaggle1

Not only is this game great for those of us that are competitive, but it’s also cool because of its distinctive multi-sensory emphasis.

When you choose to play Pajaggle against another person or the clock, you force the brain to process information at an accelerated pace, resulting in an increase in spatial intelligence that is important for careers in mathematics, engineering, and architecture.pajaggle4

Not ready to compete? That doesn’t mean that this game isn’t still amazing! Pajaggle helps to increase your child’s reasoning ability since they are actually using both sides of the brain during play. The end result has been linked to improved concentration, attentiveness, and mental sharpness in both children and adults.

See Pajaggle in action:

Pajaggle can be purchased as part of the Timberdoodle Kindergarten Curriculum Kit or separately for $34.95. Keep in mind that when it’s purchased from Timberdoodle, you are getting the Pajaggle Deluxe kit with two sets of pieces.

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