CTCMath Review

For the past month, we have been using the Homeschool Membership from CTCMath.  I admit that at first I wasn’t sure how we would like it. I still very much love the traditional book learning, but overall we have been very impressed with CTCMath.  CTCMath

What is CTCMath?
CTCMath is an online, subscription based math program that is designed to teach your children math. With the subscription, you get access to grades kindergarten all the way through high school.

How does it work?
First off, the account was very easy to set up. Once you get signed in under your account, you then add your students. Each child/student will have their own login and password.

When you first get started this is the screen you’ll see. As you start working through this curriculum, this screen is one we rarely see. Upon a section completion is about the only time we see this screen since the program picks up automatically where we left off the day prior. ctcmath3

With that being said, Luke is currently wrapping up multiplication. When he logs in, this is the screen that shows up for him.The completed and passed lessons have check marks beside them so he knows which ones he has done. Also, if you notice to the right you can see where he is working on his platinum ribbon.ctcmath4

Each lesson starts out with a short video that covers what they will be learning for the day, and after completion of the video they do questions. The videos show it in a way that that my first grader could understand it, and the videos were somewhat interactive. They would ask questions, which they would pause and then follow with the answer. Luke goal was to say the answer before they could tell him in the video.ctcmath5

If you’re child doesn’t understand, then no worries. That’s the beauty of this program. You can pause, rewind and review when necessary. It’s goes at their pace and they can stay on a section as long as they need to. And since the membership gives access to every lesson at every grade level, you can always go back to the previous year for a review. If you’re child is excelling in a section, then you can always jump forward to give them more challenging work.

Once the video is complete, they did go into the question part of it. I find this, as with the entire program, to be very user friendly. I always set with Luke while he does it, but he insists that I don’t help him. He prefers to do it all himself.ctcmath6

How we are using it:
I have been using this program daily with my first grader and it’s been a hit.  He actually looks forward to using this program and gets very excited about earning the medals once a section is completed. So far, he has done wonderful with this program.

We do pull out manipulatives that we have for some of the work (like subtraction), and I also include math work outside of CTCMath. Being that he’s only in first grade, I feel that he needs to have that writing practice as well as additional practice when it comes to his numbers.

Overall, I have been very impressed with the parent/teacher side. When I log in I can see:

• The last time he logged in
• If he watched the video
• If he completed the task for the day
• His grade

Not only that, but at the end of the week, I also receive an email that shows me in a PDF format.CTCMath2

Another thing I want to mention about this program is that if your child needs to stop in the middle of a lesson for any reason, they will be able to pick up exactly where they left off the next time they log in.  Our tablet went wonky one day and Luke had one problem left. Our first thought was “oh no!”, but once the tablet rebooted, we were able to just complete that last problem.

Final Thoughts:
Overall we have been very pleased with this program. Would I use this as a stand along program? Probably not when it comes to my first grader. The only reason is that I feel that he needs more lessons in each section, which is why we also use a book curriculum to go along with this.

What’s the cost?
The cost is actually pretty reasonable. Homeschoolers get 60% off the regular price.

Single Student Plans:
Monthly – $11.97
6 Months – $50.80
12 Months – $78.80

Family Plan (2 or more students)
Monthly – $15.97
6 Months – $78.80
12 Months – $118.80

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CTCMath Review



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