Debunking Evolution: What Every Christian Student Should Know DVD Course

Up until the point that we started homeschooling our children, I had never learned about the science behind the Bible. Growing up in church and continuing as an adult, it’s just something that was never taught. Over the course of the past four years in our homeschool, we have studied the science behind the Bible and it’s been such an amazing adventure.Debunking_Evolution_DVD_PNG_largeOver the past four years, one of the companies that we use while learning the science behind is, Awesome Science. It is just that, awesome. Recently we were given the opportunity to review their new DVD course, Debunking Evolution. This is a wonderful series of video presentations hosted by John and Jane and addresses the major problems with the theory of evolution.debunking

This mini-series is broken down into six lessons and includes:
• A student guide (PDF Format)
• Twelve video segments

The breakdown of the six topics is as follows:
• Lesson 1: Why does it matter?
• Lesson 2: Radiometric dating and Uniformitarianism
• Lesson 3: Human evolution and Vestigial structures
• Lesson 4: Adaptation and Natural selection
• Lesson 5: Common ancestors / branching and Homologous structures
• Lesson 6: Fossils, Whale evolution, and Extinct species

Throughout the lessons, you’ll find John and Jane interacting with each other in a fun an entertaining way. This is a great way to keep the audience’s attention as well as them learning the content. Yes, it can be corny at times, but as an adult I really enjoyed watching this and so did the kids.

Here’s a look at the Debunking Evolution DVD Course:

The course is laid out in a way that you watch a video lesson (1-3 videos) and once complete you turn to the student guide.

Within the guide, you’ll find the following:
• Fill-in-the-blanks (answers are included at the end of the book)
• Summary (Covers the scientific case presented in each video)
• Biblical Discussion (Goes deeper into the verses covered in the videos)
• Application (Each lesson ends with a set of questions to solidify what’s been covered)
• Real-Life Examples (Side-bars to demonstrate real life examples that youth of today can relate to)

Our Overall thoughts:
Honestly, We have thoroughly enjoyed this course. We decided to do it over the summer months since we are more relaxed in our school choices. While it is recommended for older children (ages 12-18), I sit down and did this with my fourth-grader and we loved it. Obviously I’ll be going back over this course as he gets older to give him even more knowledge. One thing to keep in mind when it comes to this video is that it is Christian-based so it’s going to strongly favor Christianity and the biblical viewpoint.

Where can I purchase Debunking Evolution?
You can purchase this course at Awesome Science Media. With this course, you have several different options available. You can order the DVD as a stand-alone that comes with the free PDF Student guide,or you can order it in sets depending on how many will be using this study.

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