Garden Of Eden Coloring Book from Zondervan

Recently I have been enjoying the Garden of Eden Coloring Book from Zondervan. This 80-page book is filled with beautiful pictures just waiting to be brought to of eden

God created humans in his image and placed them in a garden. In the Garden of Eden Coloring Book, you will find beautiful biblical scenes for coloring and relaxation. This book is an invitation to use the creative potential God has given you. Unleash your imagination, relieve your stress, reflect on biblical messages, and delight in God’s world.coloring

Throughout this book, you’ll find Bible verses that go along with each picture and since this coloring book is designed for all ages the pictures aren’t full of tedious details that you might find in an adult coloring book. For the most part each picture is stretched onto two pages, but there are a few single-page pictures as well.

All in all we have really enjoyed this coloring book. You can find Garden of Eden Coloring Book on Zondervan with a SRP of $12.99.




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