WAY Comes Home Kit Review

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I have never added a formal health curriculum to our homeschool, I have been considering it for awhile.  While our family does focus on a healthy lifestyle, I still wanted to add a more formal health curriculum to our week. That’s why when we had the chance to review a fun, hands-on healthy curriculum called WAY Comes Home Kit by HomeSchool Scholastics, an i4 Learning Company I couldn’t resist.

What did I receive:

First off, I have to say that this kit comes with TONS of stuff. I was completely floored by the amount of things that was packed neatly into the box when I opened it. Basically, they want to make sure that you have pretty much all you’re going to need for this program.WAY-CH-Still-12_zpsfblerthh

Upon opening the box, you will find:
• 3 Journals (one for K-1, one for grades 2-3, and one for grades 4-5)
• Parent Guide
• Vocabulary cards and activities on card stock
• Plastic eggs
• 2 Foam Balls
• Counter Chips
• Tape Measure
• Stethoscope
• 3 plastic bins
• Glitter
• Ink Pad
• Large 2 Sided Poster
• Scale

How We Used The Program:
For the sake of the review, we went through some of the lessons a tad faster than what I have planned overall. The reason we did go through it a tad faster is that I wanted to be able to give an honest opinion on the program, instead of just a couple of lessons. While we went at a faster rate than I originally have planned, my boys still loved every minute of this program. They looked forward to learning more each time.

As for the remainder of the program? I want to implement Health into our homeschool, which means I’m going to slow down on how fast we go through the unit and spend more time on the activities.

Our Overall Thoughts:
We have really enjoyed this course, and both my boys are always excited about doing it. The program is overall very user friendly and the parent guide is very detailed. I really like how it doesn’t just focus on just food or exercise, but instead focuses on the body as a whole. The only thing I would change on this would be to group together all the levels instead of keeping the units together. I just feel that would be easier when teaching multiple levels like we do in our homeschool.

Where Can I Purchase?
You can purchase the
WAY Comes Home Kit from the HomeSchool Scholastic Site at a very reasonable price. It’s currently on sale for $39.95 and if you enter the COUPON CODE: GC0737011 you can save an additional $15 OFF. How awesome is that? Need additional student journals? They have you covered on that as well. You can purchase additional journals at a VERY reasonable price as well. Also, if you want to see all the goodies that arrive in your package, be sure to check out our unboxing of the WAY Comes Home Kit.

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WAY Comes Home Kit Review


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