5 Science Field Trips The Entire Family Can Enjoy

5 Science Field Trips The Entire Family Can EnjoyOver the past few months, we have been using Bright Ideas Press Christian Kids Explore Earth & Space.  While this curriculum offers numerous hands-on projects and activities, I look looking for additional learning opportunities when it comes to field trips.  dsc_0884Since the Christian Kids Explore Earth & Space starts out with learning about Earth our very first field trip was to the Planetarium.  This was such an amazing experience and the kids were able to take what they learned there and apply it to their science. science1

As we dig deeper into the Christian Kids Explore, we have discovered so many awesome science field trips that can along with all we’re learning.  Here is our current list:

State Parks/National Park:

State and National Parks are some of our favorite places to visit as a family. Not only do the children have the opportunity to learn about history, but there is always science that can be learned as well.  It’s hard to pick a favorite when it comes to National and State Parks because they are each one unique.  Not sure which one to visit that may go with your lessons? You can always learn more about the National Parks by visiting their site, and the same for State Parks. Since we live in NC, I always visit http://www.ncparks.gov/. Also, this is a really cool site that will show you the state and national parks near you.5 Science Field Trips The Entire Family Can Enjoy

Also, if you frequent National Parks and you have a 4th grader, they can get in free with the Every Kid In The Park program. This is an awesome program, and you can learn more about that HERE.  Also, don’t forget to check out the National Park Passport Book. This is such a great way for the kids to keep track of all the National Parks they visit.

Children’s Museum
Children’s Museums are a wonderful way for the kids to get hands-on learning when it comes to Science.  One of our favorite Children’s Museum’s near us to visit is the Children’s Museum of Atlanta.  It’s packed full of hands-on learning and includes: robotics, human body, light & energy and science bar. Also, be sure to check out classes that may be offered at your local Children’s Museum for extended learning.

When it comes to more in-depth learning while using the Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space, the Planetarium has been at the top of our list.  We have had some amazing shows at our local Planetarium that has went hand-in-hand with what we have been learning.  We have enjoyed three shows, and I currently have three more on our list of field trips to enjoy. Also, our planetarium opens up their observatory on the nights that they have a showing so you can experience even more hands-on learning.5 Science Field Trips The Entire Family Can Enjoy

Earth & Science Museum
Our Science Museum offers tons of educational experiences for kids of all ages. We have a once a month Super Science Saturday that’s always tons of fun and covers different topics.  They also have many hands-on exhibits daily for the kids to learn and explore.  If you haven’t checked one, I highly recommend doing so. My kids ask to visit often.

This has always been a favorite field trip for our family. The educational benefits will vary depending on the cave that you visit, but for the most part the student will learn how caves are formed, how stalactites are formed, biology of caves, bats and more. We have several caverns/caves in our area and they all vary greatly, but all are amazing to visit!
5 Science Field Trips The Entire Family Can Enjoy


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