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logo-1I have been wanting to incorporate a foreign language into our homeschool for some time now, but just haven’t found a resource that seemed to really fit our family. With both boys curious about learning to speak Spanish, I wanted to find a program that they would both be able to do and learn from it. That’s why when we were offered the chance by Middlebury Interactive Languages to review Elementary Spanish 1 (Grades K-2) we jumped at it!

Spanish, French, German or Chinese {Middlebury Interactive Languages}
Some may be wondering why K-2 and I wanted both boys to learn this together. Sure, Davis is in the fourth grade, but doesn’t really have any knowledge in the Spanish language other than numbers and colors. Both boys know about the same amount, and I felt this would be a great starting point for both of them. Not only did I know they would be an awesome team, but I wanted both their opinions on the program as a whole.

For our review, we received a six months subscription to the Elementary Spanish 1, Grades K-2. This particular program is an introductory to Spanish and is designed with younger students in mind. The learning is fun and interactive and leaves them wanting to learn more every day! Throughout this course, they learn vocabulary acquisition through stories, songs, games and activities. In the end the goal is for them to have learned simple words and phases.

The Elementary Spanish 1, Grades K-2 contains 12 units of study and each unit is then broken down into 6 lessons. Those units are:
• Unit 1: Greetings
• Unit 2: Numbers
• Unit 3: Family
• Unit 4: Colors
• Unit 5: School
• Unit 6: Review
• Unit 7: Body
• Unit 8: Animals
• Unit 9: Calendar
• Unit 10: Food
• Unit 11: Descriptions
• Unit 12: Review

When they first start a new unit, they are introduced to the words. This gives them an idea of the words that they will be learning throughout that unit. Then they move onto a video. The videos are a favorite with my five year old. He always asks to watch them more than ones..but the kicker is..they also do a recap and other activities surrounding the movie. Of course he doesn’t care about that, so we always end up playing the movie back through a few times, which is fine. It just means he’s continuing to learn.spanish

This section is also a fun section for them. They can click and hear the word pronounced and then they record themselves saying the words. Once they record the word, they can play it back to make sure they said it correctly. Should they have mispronounced the word, they can always go back and re-record their voice.spanish3

Honestly, I could go on and on about the wonderful features that this program has to offer. We have been very pleased with it so far. As I mentioned my boys really loved the stories and I have been amazed at how fast they are picking up the words. Also, while watching the movie, they are figuring out what the non-highlighted words mean which is pretty cool!

I also want to mention that while we are doing the Elementary Spanish 1 Grades K-2, Middlebury Interactive Languages also offers additional programs available in different languages. Their programs go through grade 12, and include: German, French, & Chinese.

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Spanish, French, German or Chinese {Middlebury Interactive Languages}


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