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Due to our sometimes crazy schedule, I have been wanting to give freezer cooking a try. While I do freeze some of our leftovers, I wanted to have the ability to freeze an entire meal at one time. What was stopping me is not knowing exactly how to freeze it, or what foods will freeze well.

Recently our family has been using and loving the Freezer Meal Plan Membership from MyFreezEasy makes freezer cooking so fast and easy there is no excuse to not have a meal a home even with our busy schedule.

What I received:
For my review, I received the Premium Annual Membership to MyFreezEasy. Each month with my online subscription I receive eight new freezer meal plans, along with recipes, shopping lists and meal assembly help instructions. With such a variety of meal plans, I’m sure to find recipes that fit our family’s needs.meal-plans

The meal plans are:
• Traditional Meal Plan
• 20 Meals Plan
• Gluten-Free Meal Plan
• All Pork Chops Meal Plan
• All Ground Beef Meal Plan
• All Chicken Meal Plan
• Clean Eats Meal Plan
• Slow Cooker Meal Plan

With each meal plan option, you’ll find between 5-10 different meals. However, you also have the ability to Build-Your-Own meal plan which has tons of options to personalize. You can swap out meals, you can additional servings, and simply mix and match. This plan worked out great for me since I purchase meats while on sale and have a variety of different cuts in my freezer already. We also like having leftovers for the next day’s lunch, so with being able to up the serving sizes really helped with that part as well.FreezEasy

Now remember how I mentioned that I’ve always wanted to do freezer meals, but wasn’t sure exactly where to stat? Well each recipe includes a break down of ingredients and instructions for each meal. It shows you how you would just prepare the meal without freezing, as well as what to mix for freezing. Some of the ingredients are held out until the day the meal is prepared. While I’m an experienced cook, I’m not at all experienced with meal freezing and I found these step by step guides very helpful.

How long does it take to prep the freezer meals?
So on top of finding time to prepare meals, a lot of people worry about the prep time involved in meal prep or even freezer meal planning. I was very surprised at how fast my meal prep went when it came to these dishes.Depending on the meal that I was freezing, I simply spent 5-10 minutes a meal. I find that very impressive. I can’t really say an exact cost per meal because this is going to vary depending on if you find products on sale. I would say however, that I averaged around $10 per meal. If I broke that down it would be less than $2 a person since the meals I prepped were for 6-8 servings.myfreezeasy-printable-sample_zpso43h8llp

How do the recipes tastes?
Now this was a big one for me. Our family are major foodies and loves bold flavors, and while most of the time I add my own touch to recipes, I decided to follow these exact, with the exception of maybe adding more chicken to the chilis and soups. If it called for 4 small chicken breasts and I had a family pack of chicken tenderloins in the freezer then I used that instead.  The reason I wanted to follow the directions exactly except for maybe changing out some of the cuts was because I wanted to review this product the way it was intended. We made several different meals. I froze one and prepared one, and so far we have been extremely pleased. With each meal, the husband and kids comment on how great it tastes. So there you have it! These meals have wonderful flavor. I didn’t add extra seasoning or spices and they turned out great. Some not was spicy as I would have originally prepared, but maybe that was a good thing since the kiddos gulped it up without any complaints.chili

The only problem I ran into was when I doubled some of the recipes to say eight servings it wouldn’t’ all fit into the freezer bag. What I should have done was simply put 4 servings per freezer bag and just pulled two out when time to prepare. However, that is the only con that I had with this amazing program.

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