Top That! Game From Blue Orange

Our family just recently were introduced to a fun, new game called, Top That! by Blue Orange. This game has been tons of fun for the entire family. Top That! Game from Blue Orange is perfect for ages 6+. It teaches problem solving, focus and attention and even processing speed.

What is Top That!
Top That! is a new game from Blue Orange, and is recommended for ages 6+. This is what I can a quick play game.  On average it will take around 10 minutes to play, but often my boys keep going longer than that. During game play with Top That! your child will learn: Problem solving, visual perception, fine motor skills, focus & attention and processing speed. topthat

What’s included in Top That!
• 55 Challenge Cards
• 4 Sets of props
• 4 Black Hats
• 4 Red Cups
• 4 Orange Tubes
• 4 Green Coins
• 4 White Rabbits
• Illustrated Rules

How do you play?
This is a very simple concept, but yet tons of fun. Basically you put all the cards face down in a single pile. One player draws the card and flips it over. The objects printed on the card in color must be visible when you stack the objects. However, if an object in the card is grey in color that means that this object must be hidden INSIDE objects on the stack. The first person to stack it correctly yells out “Top That!”. topthat

Want more of a challenge? Some of the cards have objects that are surrounded by stars. If you pull a card that has one of those, that means that the object that is surrounded by stars must be kept empty.

My thoughts:
We love, love, love this game! Seriously, it’s a game that we play at least once a day. While it looks like a game that only kids wouldn’t enjoy, adults will have fun with this as well. My husband and I enjoy a little friendly competition every once in awhile and will challenge each other to a game.  You have to think quick to win and this game really encourages this.topthat2

We typically aren’t a family that let the kids win simply because they are kids, but I admit that while playing this game with my five-year old there are times I’m a tad slower. Why? Because I can process and solve the problems faster, and I want him to work on his processing and problem-solving speed. He is none the wiser when he is faster at me on some of the “puzzles”.

See Top That! in action:

Top That! is currently available with a SRP of $19.99,


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