Homeschool Legacy:Cooking Up History With The Founding Presidents Review

First off I have to say what an amazing year it has been to be part of the Homeschool Review Crew. With that being said, I couldn’t think of a better product to wrap-up the 2016 year than Cooking Up History With The Founding Presidents, a Once-a-Week Micro Studies from Homeschool

About Cooking Up History With The Founding Presidents
This amazingly fun micro-studies unit comes as a PDF e-book and is designed to last four-weeks.  It’s recommended for grades 1-8, and combines two of our favorite things…cooking and history.  

Throughout this study, your student will be introduced to George and Martha Washington, John and Abigail Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James and Dolley Madison. They will learn about history, politics and family as well as some of their favorite foods with recipes

Each week is broken down into easy to follow sections. Each lesson starts with a few simple facts about the President, along with a list supplies that you’ll throughout the week. Next, you’ll find the history and government section. This section gives more in depth details about the president and government at that time. This is followed by a language section that tells us more about the language of that time. All this is wrapped up with a cooking section that includes a recipe of each president’s favorite dish.

Throughout each lesson, there are educational internet links to people, places, vocabulary, events, videos and so much more. To wrap up each weekly lesson, there is a “Did you know” section that we also enjoyed.

How We Used Cooking Up History With The Founding Presidents
For us, this micro-studies unit has been working out amazing for us. We have been using it hand in hand with our current studies to add additional learning and hands-on activities. While this unit is designed to be done weekly, we pull it out three days a week for short lessons.

For example, on George Washington (one of our favorites), we checked out a video that showed us an easy way to draw George Washington which was tons of fun. Artists we are not, but the boys had so much fun with this. Since it is recommended to add a book, we couldn’t resist but to pull out one of our favorites, “Who Was George Washington”.pie

Since most of us all know that George Washington loved his cherry pie, the cooking section for this unit was to prepare one. While this particular recipe looked amazing, we decided to do that a tad different. This was only because I wasn’t sure how my boys would take to cherry pie and I hate the thought of wasting. With that being said, we flipped the recipe and made fried pies instead. This way, I didn’t have to make a large batch. However, now that I know my boys LOVE cherry pie, without a doubt we are going to go back and follow the original recipe listed.

All in all we have been enjoying this unit study. While we are still working through it since we are combining it with our current studies, we are looking forward to continued use.

Not looking to study the presidents any time soon? No worries, because Homeschool Legacy offers a large variety of unit studies. They even have seasonal ones like, Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims and Christmas Comes To America.

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