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As we approached the end of 2016 in our homeshcool I was really starting to feel over-whelmed. I had homeschool material from one end of the house to other, mounds of books and well the house was turning into a disaster, which is why this was the first year EVER that we took off two weeks for winter break. It was a well needed break for not only myself, but for the kids.

So what have I been doing while on a two week break? I have been organizing, cleaning and purging. It was long overdo and it’s felt amazing! During this time, I also stumbled upon a book that I’ve been thumbing through and it’s really helped a lot. The book is called The Organized Homeschool Life and it’s written by Melanie Wilson. Melanie is a psychologist turned homeschooling mother of six, so she’s well aware of how crazy the homeschooling life can be.

The best way for me to explain this book is Flylady meets homeschool mom. This book is laid out amazingly well and is broken down into months. With each new Chapter (month), Melanie gives you specific training and tasks that will help you get your homeschool and home organized with 15-minute focused time.

The months are then broken down into weeks and tells how to approach each topic. For example, the month of January:
• Week 1: Daily Devotions Challenge
• Week 2: Daily Routine Challenge
• Week 3: To Do List Challenge
• Week 4: Memory Keeping Challenge
• Week 5: Decluttering Challenge

With the purchase, you not only get the book, but a few free printables as well.
• Chore Checklist
• Month At-A-Glance PDF that has reminders of the topics talked about in the book
• Monthly Check list that includes:
    • Class Schedule
    • Meal Planning
    • Productivity Sheet
    • Christmas Memories
    • Snack Menu
    • and more…

The Organized Homeschool Life can be purchased as a Digital book for $10. That was my choice of purchase. I then printed it out and binded it. However, if you don’t have the time for that, it’s also available on Amazon.

To learn more about The Organized Homeschool Life, visit her official site. 

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