How To Stay Motivated When Working Out Alone

As I mentioned earlier in a Wellness Wednesday, I pretty much fell off the wagon last year. As I approached the new year, I started looking back on what things I didn’t do last year. Reasons as to why I “fell off the wagon.” Here are things that I have done in years past, but basically failed to keep them up last year.

Schedule Your Workouts: Once you decide how many days you plan on working out, it’s time to add it to your calendar. I always pencil in my daily workouts on my schedule, the same as I put in other appointments. I don’t add a specific time, but I do put it in the order that I plan on tackling that day. That way I know what task it’s going to come after and if it’s on my calendar for that day, then I’ll mark it off.

Keep A Workout Log: This is key when it comes to keeping your progress. I use a workout log to keep track of weight and measurements, as well as what I did for that day. How much I lifted, how fast I ran, how far I biked, etc. This is an awesome way to see how much hard work you’ve put in to reach your goal.

Find A Community: This part is very important, especially if you work out alone. This can be either a local group, or even an online group. I have been part of an amazing group just for women for the past 3-4 years and I seriously couldn’t have gotten as far as I have without all their support.

Give Yourself Rewards: Getting healthy and staying healthy is hard work, but everyone needs to have a little fun! As you reach the goals you’ve set for yourself, there is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself. Is there a new workout tank you’ve had your eye on? Maybe a new pair of shoes? What about a special meal you’ve really been craving?

Set Goals: Goals are one of my top motivators. I try to set goals that can be achieved by putting in hard work daily. For me, setting short term goals work best, but others might choose to set long-term goals as well. This can be as simple as working out two days a week, running those miles a little faster, or whatever you’re working towards.

And remember…you can do it!!


Samantha has been blogging for over 8 years and is a wife and homeschool mom of 4 from North Carolina.

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