Homeschool Favorites | February 2017

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It’s time again for the list of our Homeschool Favorites!! These are our most used/loved products for the month. After much thought, I decided to only highlight 3-4 items every month. These are the products that we pulled and used more than others throughout the month. Let’s get started!!

To see the products in action and to get a better look, be sure to check out the below video.

Learning Resources Gears! Robot Factory Building Set:

Build and rebuild with Gears! Gears! Gears!® Robot Factory Building Set! Bring the factory to life with creativity and imagination. This set is pretty cool. We have the larger Gear set already, and this one has been such a fun addition since you can combine this with the other sets. It’s such a great way for kids to practice engineering skills while they build their own pretend robot factory. It includes robots, sticks are more and there are endless ways to mix and match all the pieces. The Learning Resources Gears! Robot Factory Building Set is recommended for ages 4+.

Educational Insights PlayFoam Go!

As we are slowly approaching those warm travel months, this handy little items has been a favorite.  My kids are always saying they are board on car rides, and the Educational Insights Playfoam GO! keeps them entertained for hours.  All the playfoam fits easily into the carrying case and includes 8 bricks of playfoam, 9 storage compartments, and 4 built-in shape molds.  So far we haven’t had a problem with this product sticking to anything, drying out or even leaving color on their hands. The Playfoam Go is recommended for ages 3+.

Blue Orange Thumbs Up:

If you are a regular reader on our site, then you know how much we love Blue Orange games in our house.  It seems that we can’t go through a day without pulling at least one of these games out for quick fun!  This month, the winner in our house was the game Thumbs Up. Thumbs Up is a dexterity game is the designed for 2-4 players, age 6+. It includes 50 challenge cards and 48 colorful rings.

The Engineering: An Illustrated History from Ancient Craft to Modern Technology

The Engineering: An Illustrated History from Ancient Craft to Modern Technology book is so amazing and not just a coffee table book. There are 100 entries that are chronologically cataloged from Stone Technology all the way to Solar Power. Each tops is either a half or full page, which is just enough information to get an understanding of each achievement. At no point have we felt overwhelmed by reading these. There are topics such as refrigeration, plastic, pendulum clocks, and hydroelectricity. There’s even an accordion foldout of the “Timeline History of Engineering”, and a “Bridge” poster.


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