Soldier Song: A True Story of the Civil War

Title: Soldier Song: A True Story of the Civil War
Author:  Debbie Levy
Illustrator: Gilbert Ford
Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Publication Date: February 7, 2017
Genre/Format: Picture Book
Ages: 9-12


Amid the fearsome battles of the Civil War, both Union and Confederate soldiers were urged onward by son.

There were songs to wake them up and Songs to call them to bed,
Songs to ready them for battle and to signal their retreat,
Songs to tell them that their side was right, and the other wrong…
And there was one song that reminded them all of what they hoped to return to after the war.

Defeated in the battle at Fredericksburg, Virginia, the Union soldiers retreated across the river. There, a new battle emerged as both armies volleyed competing songs back and forth. With the Christmas season upon them, however, Federals and Confederates longed for the same thing. As the notes of “Home, Sweet, Home” rose up from both sides, they found common ground for one night.

Interwoven with soldiers’ letters and journal entries, this is a true story of the duty and heartbreak, of loyalty and enemies, and of the uniting power of music. Debbie Levy’s moving text and Gilber Ford’s vibrant, layered illustrations come together to create an unforgettable tale of American History.

My Thoughts:

We have been studying the Civil War in our homeschool and this book has been an amazing addition. This book has been thoroughly researched and filled with amazing information. Along with the well-written story and powerful illustrations found in this book, you’ll also find in the back of the book:

• The Battle of fredericksburg
• Notable People at Fredericksburg
• Words to Home Sweet Home and the history of the song
• Time Line of the Civil War
• Selected Bibliographies
• Further Reading

This book is written in a way that appeals to all ages. While it’s recommended for ages 9-12, my 6-year old has asked me to read him this twice. It is a tad on the longer side, so we break it up into two reading, but it’s been amazing! It also helped my 9-year old get a better understanding of the Civil War.

Soldier Song: A True Story of the Civil War can be found at your local book retailer or online at stores like Amazon.


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