Field Trip Friday: High Shoals Falls Hike

It’s February and it seems that spring has arrived. It is temporary? We shall see, but currently in the mountains of WNC we are surrounded by the beautiful blooms of spring flowers and the warmth of the sun.

With the arrival of an early spring, we decided to head out for our first hike of the season. This year our first hike was a tad later than last years, which is why we were itching to get into the woods. So where did we venture to?

We decided to take the boys up to High Shoals Falls for a moderate waterfall hike. In this 2.6 mile round trip hike, you get to experience not one, but two stunning waterfalls (High Shoals Falls and Blue Hole Falls).

This trail travels through a beautiful, lush valley and on the way you can expect to hike past some prime backpacking campsite that had my boys asking if they could camp out for the night.

The first fall you arrive at is the Blue Hole Falls. While not as big as High Shoals falls, it’s still a breath-taking view. This single-drop waterfall goes into a deep pool below, in which my husband allowed would be an amazing swimming hole (if you like cold water).

After we marveled at this waterfall for awhile, it was time to venture on to High Shoals Falls. You will retrace your steps to the main trail to continue your hike. This part of the hike descends to the waterfall with a few switchbacks and stone stairs. You can definitely hear the roar of the waterfall through the valley the closer you get.

High Shoals Falls is equally as beautiful as the Blue Hole Falls.

Upon leaving High Shoals Falls area, you’ll retrace your steps to the main trailing. It’s quit the climb on the way back out, but completely worth it!

Picnic Tables: No
Creek Crossing: Yes
Restrooms: No
Entrance Fee: No
Family Friendly: Yes
Stroller Accessible: No
Total Miles: 2.6 Round Trip


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