Educational Insights: PlayFoam GO!

It’s hard to believe that travel season is just around the corner. In fact, our family took out on our first road/camping trip just this weekend and had an amazing time.

I get it that the driving part can at times be hard for the little ones. It seems all the “I spies” and “20 question” games in the word can’t keep them busy for too long. That’s why I always plan ahead and bring items that I know will keep them busy for the long haul. Be sure to keep an out for our complete list, but for right now I want to highlight a product that was a life-saver this weekend, Playfoam Go!

We love, love, love the Educational Insights® Playfoam in our house. In fact, my boys use this product daily and it’s amazing all the fun and creative ideas that they come up. Since this product is such a huge hit in free time at home, I thought why not give the Playfoam GO! a try when it comes to road trips. After all, it isn’t messy and I’ve had no problems with colors coming off on hands or clothes. So this past weekend on our adventure, I tossed the Playfoam GO! in the van and off we went!

So how did it go? Honestly, it went amazing! Since we were going to be camping, they decided to save their tablet batteries to be able to watch a movie when it got dark, so the Playfoam GO! was used for over half the trip. When they weren’t using that, they were drawing, coloring, and playing with other toys they brought along.

What’s cool about the Playfoam GO! is that it comes in its own portable carrying case and includes eight cool Playfoam colors. Your littles can keep each color neat and tidy in it’s own compartment and there’s even a ninth bonus compartment for mixing Playfoam colors! I admit that as a mom I cringe just a tad when they start mixing colors, but let’s be real here. It’s what all kids do and I’ve come to accept it. I just always point out that they need to be sure before the mixing begins because I will stay that way.

Not only is this product hours of fun to play with but it’s education as well! How you ask? As I mentioned earlier, it’s encouraging creativity, and it also helps to develop find motor skills and provides tactile and sensory stimulation.

What else do I love about this product? For starters it’s non-toxic, which is always an awesome touch when it comes products like this. While I don’t worry that the kids or animals will eat it, I simply don’t want to have to worry about the “what if.” It also is super easy to store back into the carry case and get won’t DRY OUT! Yep, you read that correctly. Unlike playdough, this can be left for a few hours or even days and it’s perfectly fine! Have we tested this? Yes, we have. When my kids build something, they pretty much hate tearing it down right away, which means it’s on display at the house for a few days or a week. Never a problem at all with it drying it. Also, I’ve never had any get stuck in the carpet, clothing or furniture. It truely is an easy clean-up.

This is such an awesome product that it did make an appearance in our February Homeschool Favorites! You can see it in action in the video below:

Our Overall Thoughts:
Honestly, this is a product that we love! While this product is recommended for ages 3-6, my soon to be ten-year old even loves building and being creative with it. My boys use it daily and so far we haven’t had any problems. Highly recommend.

To learn more about Playfoam GO! or other Educational Insights® products, be sure to check out their website!

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