Learning Resources Magnetic Healthy Foods

Learning Resources Magnetic Healthy Foods set has been an awesome addition to our homeschool health/wellness classes. This hands-on approach for introducing children to the concept of the 5 food groups and healthy meal planner has helped put into perspective what they should be eating in a day.

The Learning Resources Magnetic Healthy Foods includes:
33 Magnetic Pieces
1 Write & Wipe Magnetic Placemat
1 Menu Pad
Activity Guide

The Magnetic Healthy Foods has been such a huge hit with my boys that it made it into our monthly homeschool favorites. Check out the video to see it in action:


Honestly, the activities with this set are endless. When we aren’t using this product during our health/wellness class, my boys are still pulling it out daily asking once again about healthy food combinations and playing restaurant and other activities.

Over the course of the month while using this product, as well as learning about healthy food choices, my boys have made the decision to change how they eat. They are starting to focusing on the healthier options that are available for them, and just the other day my little guy pointed out that fruits taste better than chocolate and are prettier too. I know the pretty part may have you scratching your head, but seriously…have you ever put a piece of chocolate down beside an orange or a strawberry? Which one looks more appealing to the eye? For us, it’s the brightly colored fruit.

The Magnetic Healthy Foods is a visual learning style. You’ll find several recommended activities included in the box. The suggested activities can assist your child or student:

With identifying and choosing healthy foods at a restaurant or in the grocery store, and can even help them visually plan out foods to purchase using the included menu pad.

How many people know the proper way to set a table. I admit that I have to refresh my memory on occasion because setting a formal table setting is something that I rarely do. However, my boys did enjoy learning the proper way to set a table.

Magnetic Healthy Foods can also assist with developing independent daily living skills like planning out meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

As I mentioned earlier, we used this product along with our healthy/wellness class to help promote the identification of the 5 food groups. By learning about the food groups, your child/student is creating building blocks for maintaining a healthy diet.

Overall we have been very pleased not only with the educational value that this product brings to our homeschool, but the quality of the product as well.  To learn more about Healthy Magnetic Foods, head over to Learning Resources.  While there, be sure to check out all their other amazing products!!

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