What We’re Reading In Our Homeschool

I love not only reading, but sharing what we’re enjoying inour homeschool. Today, I’ll be sharing with you what we’ve been reading in our homeschool lately.

To hear more about our selections, be sure to check out the below video:

First off, I’ll start with myself. Yep, that’s right! I’ve actually had time to read a book this month. The book that I’ve been reading this month is:

Pure Heart: A Spirited Tale of Grace, Grit, and Whiskey

Troylyn Ball and her husband, Charlie, an engineer and real estate developer, had spent their entire lives in Texas. But after a near fatal trip to the emergency room with their non-verbal, wheelchair-bound son Marshall, they admitted the dust and the heat were too dangerous. To save their boys, the Balls cashed out, sold their beloved farm, and moved to Asheville, North Carolina. All I have to say is that I’m glad this is a quick and easy read, because I had a hard time putting the book down.

Next up, is Luke. As most of you know already, Luke is a major book worm. While I would love to share with you all the awesome books that Luke reads, it just isn’t possible. I would seriously have to do a post every day in order to keep it from being too long of a list.

Being a beginner reader, he has found the love of Mo Williems. His recent trip to the library, he felt he needed to check out every Mo Williems book he could find. I did convince him to leave three books in case someone else was wanting to check one out. Not only does he check them out time and time again, but he also has a collection at home and has requested for me buy him the other books. So which Mo Williem books are his favorite?

He loves the Elephant and Piggie books, which is what he’s been slowly adding to his home library. If you are a Mo Williems fan, you’ll know that this series has sadly came to an end. However, the good news is that Elephant and Piggie are making appearances in Elephant and Piggie Like Reading and we have a couple of those too.

Not only does he like the Elephant and Piggie books, he’s also loving the Pigeon books by Mo Williems as well. What we don’t already own, he checks out from the library.

Last but not least, another favorite is Selina Yoons Duck,Duck Porcupine books. They are amazing! Big and inviting fonts, bright and colorful illustrations, and let me not forget to mention that they are super funny. We have both of those books and currently have the other one coming out on pre-order.

Davis loves to read too, but he has recently found the love of reading on the computer or Kindle. I think it’s great that he’s decided to read like this, but for me I just haven’t been able to find the love. While I prefer to hold a book in hand, he has decided that books take up way too much room. He’s checked out a few neat reads from the library, but honestly he’s been doing most on the computer. He loves using the Epic! Books for Kids on his computer. He watches Minecraft videos on there, and also reads tons of Minecraft books that are available on that site.

So what does he read other than Minecraft? Since finishing Diary of the Wimpy Kid, we have been looking for a series of books that he would love. While recently speaking to one of the librarians, she recommended Big Nate and sure enough he is loving this series.

We started with Big Nate: In A Class By Himself.

Nate knows he’s meant for big things. REALLY big things. But things don’t always go your way just because you’re awesome. Nate barely survives his dad’s toxic oatmeal before rushing off to school—minus his lunch. He body slams the no-nonsense principal. He accidentally insults his least favorite teacher, the horrifying Mrs. Godfrey (aka Godzilla). And school has barely started!


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