Our Daughter’s Country Wedding

Back in October, our oldest daughter married the man of her dreams. I still remember the call from her that gave us an idea that a wedding might be in our future.. We were out hiking in the woods and she calls to ask where she could find something nice to wear. Her boyfriend was taking her out, but she had no idea where. The minute I hung up the phone from her, I looked at my husband and said, “he’s going to propose.”

A few days later, we get a call from Clayton asking if we were home. He had something he wanted to show us. We had a feeling exactly what it was it…however, we let him sweat it out and ask us.

I’ll be honest, I really wanted to say no. Not that we don’t love Clayton, because we do, but one of the hardest things as a parent is realizing that your child is now an adult. That they are soon going to begin their own journey. The emotions that come along with that are indescribable.

While we thought that saying yes, you can marry our daughter was the hardest part..let’s just say that tears were shed throughout the preparation. From finding the right dress, bridal shower, invitations…basically everything.

The night of her rehearsal, is when it really hit us..especially my husband. The thought of giving his daughter away was the hardest thing ever. We jokingly told them that we believe that we had changed our mind and couldn’t give her up. 🙂

The wedding turned out absolutely beautiful, and she is now married to the man of her dreams.

While the photographer left much to be desired and wasn’t able to capture the emotions of the day, the videographer did. He did an absolutely amazing job and I just had to share it with you, our readers.



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