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Every once in awhile, we are faced with a obstacle that we have to come overcome in our homeschool. One obstacle that we have faced time and time again is trying to teach a child that has a very hard time sitting still. Throughout the years, we have tried a few different things. Some of those worked perfectly, while others just weren’t right for us.

One of the things that I have found works in our homeschool is using a timer. We take short breaks throughout the day. This gives my boys a chance to stretch their legs and burn off all that extra energy that boys seem to have. We have used different timing trackers over the years, and recently had the opportunity to check out the Learning Resources Time Tracker® Visual Timer and Clock. We have used this particular timer for over a month and so far have been very pleased with it.

The Learning Resources Time Tracker® Visual Timer and Clock is very simple to program and offers a large, easy-to-view lighted display with a digital clock. It offers volume control as well as color-changing lights as the time counts down.

With the Learning Resources Time Tracker® Visual Timer and Clock your child will learn:

Self-Help– It helps them make independent decisions on how to spend the allotted time with visual assistance and reinforcement.

Time Management– The lights correspond with time remaining- green then yellow and ending on red to encourage and improve time management skills and ease transitions from activity to the next.

Math– Timer provides students with beginning math skills like order and prediction. Students can utilize the digital clock to reinforce numbers and calculate elapsed time.

How we use the Time Tracker
Originally I had plans on just using this throughout our school day to help break up our days and subjects. However, the boys had other plans. This time tracker is used when it comes to brushing their teeth, cleaning rooms, reading times and so much more.

Since it’s easy to program, they don’t think twice about grabbing it up and putting in their allotted time for whatever project or activity they will be doing. You can set this for as little as a second, all the way up to 24 hours.

For us, we find it easier to just break our time into thirds as we enter it into the time tracker. As the time elapses, the colors will change from green to yellow and then red. As you near the end of the time while in the red zone, the timer starts making a sound so that you know your time is coming to an end.

Overall we have been impressed with the quality of this product. With having two boys, I can assure you that this has been dropped more than once since they seem to always be carrying it around with them. I mean, who doesn’t love to time themselves as they run in circles around the house? But in all seriousness, this little timer has been a sanity-saver in our house when it comes to our school, and has helped add a tad more motivation when it comes to them brushing their teeth or cleaning their room.

To learn more about Learning Resources Time Tracker® Visual Timer & Clock, head over to Learning Resources. While there, be sure to check out all their other amazing products!!

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