2nd Grade Curriculum Choices 2017-2018

It’s hard to believe that my youngest will be heading into 2nd grade. Since we homeschool year round, we’ve already been working through some of our 2nd grade curriculum and so far have been very pleased.

You’ll notice that with the History and Science I have a combination of two different curriculums. The reason behind that is we have always incorporated science and history into our homeschool for the entire year since it’s a favorite with my boys. With the Abeka that we have, it only has science for three months, history for three months and health for three months. With that being said, I have opted to pull in my a little Sonlight curriculum that I already had on hand to supplement for the year.

Language Arts:

First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind: Level 2

Lightning Literature and Composition: Lightning Literature & Composition Grade 2 is a program that combines both grammar and writing curriculum. Each week, your child completes four lessons which involve daily reading, reading comprehension questions, book discussion, journal entries and more.

To get a better look inside this curriculum, be sure to check out our video:

This was one subject I was up in the air about. While the program we used last year was ok, I wasn’t loving it. I felt it wasn’t challenging him enough and was looking to try something new. I went back and forth between a couple different curriculums and finally decided on using the Christian Liberty Press Spelling. We have always loved the Christian Liberty Nature Readers, so thought why not see what the spelling has to offer. It arrived a few weeks ago and just by looking through the curriculum, I feel confident in our choice.

Christian Liberty Press Spelling

My little guy is a major history buff which was why I looked at several different history programs. He’s a child that I could easily do a complete literature base curriculum if only he didn’t also love to have colorful and vibrant pictures along the way.  Our Abeka History will wrap up right before our Christmas break, and then in July, we’ll be starting Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans.  With this read, we’ll be adding activities along the way. 

Abeka History

Great Americans for Little Americans

In our science, we’re kicking off the year using the Abeka. I have it currently scheduled at three days a week. From going by that schedule, this will wrap up right before our Christmas break. In January, we’re going to be adding Sonlight. We have enjoyed using the Usborne Book of Knowledge in the past, so I’m sure this year will be no different.

Abeka Science

Sonlight Science
The Usborne Book of Knowledge


Abeka 2nd Grade Math


Memoria Press 50 States

Don’t know Much About The 50 States


Abeka Health

For the Bible study this year, I’m going to be pulling out our Sonlight curriculum and following the recommended reading schedule as well as using The Awesome Book of Bible Facts to go along with it.

NIrV Discoverer’s Bible

The Awesome Book of Bible Facts



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