Field Trip Friday: Clay County Old Jail Museum

For this week’s field trip we are going to be heading to the small town of Hayesville, North Carolina to take a tour of the Clay County Old Jail Museum that was constructed in the year of 1912.

Upon entering the Clay County Old Jail Museum, you’ll be greeted by the docent. She is very knowledgeable and does an amazing job at taking you on a journey through the years past.

One of the displays found in the Old Jail Museum is a replica of the office of Dr. Paul Killian which shoes early medical equipment that was used in Clay County.

They have a huge Cherokee room that filled with artifacts and crafts from the Cherokee of this area such as Cherokee baskets, quilts, carving, masks and even a life-size model of a Cherokee basket weaver.

Quilting Room

Newly added African American Heritage Area

Old Jail Area

Moonshiner guarding his still

A look inside:

Admission Cost:

Hours of Operation:
10:00 – 4:00, Tuesday – Saturday, June – September
10:00 – 4:00, Friday and Saturday, September – October

21 Davis Loop
Hayesville, NC North Carolina 28904


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