Devil’s Courthouse

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Western North Carolina, so we decided to take the boys on a little trip up to Devil’s Courthouse located on the Blue Ridge Parkway at MP 422.DSC_0283

It’s a short, moderate hike to get to the top of Devil’s Courthouse. You’re climbing up around a half-mile to reach the peak. The trail starts out paved, then turns to rock and at the end you reach steps (with handrails). DSC_0287There are benches a long the way in case you need to take a short break, and always remember to stay on the trail.   This is a sensitive environmental area that is home to many rare, high-altitude plants. Some of these alpine species may be remnants from the last glacial period. Hawks, ravens, vultures, eagles and peregrine falcons ride the hot air currents that rise from the valley and it’s a beautiful site for sure.

This adorable little ball of fur was sitting on a log checking everyone out as they passed. Eastern Fox Squirrel

 The panoramic view from the top is well worth the hike up, and you can view four states: North Carolina ,South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee.DSC_0281 DSC_0300

The legend behind Devil’s Courthouse:

According to the sign, the Devil’s Courthouse is sinister in appearance and legend. It’s “devilish” look has helped to contribute to many folk tales surrounding it. One is that the devil held court in the cave that lies beneath the rock. DSC_0284In Cherokee lore, it’s said that the devil holds his court here.The cave is the private dancing chamber and dwelling place of the slant-eyed giant, Judaculla.DSC_0318

You can learn more about the Devil’s Courthouse by visiting HERE.

Overall Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 0.4mi
Steepness: Climbs Steeply

Picnic tables: Yes
Restrooms: No
Coordinates: 35.3025° N, 82.8956° WDevils Courthouse


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