Jalapeno AIoli and a Tomato-Bacon Jam Burger

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I’m a huge foodie so it’s safe to say that we are always trying different recipes in our house.  Rarely does my husband offer any suggestions on things he would like to try, but there are times when he runs across a recipe that is a must try and he immediately forwards it to me.  This happened yesterday when he opened up an email from New Belgium Brewing.  They had an amazing recipe that was shared from a Fort Collins food truck called The Tramp About. Since we had already planned on burgers yesterday, we decided to give this a try.Grilled Burger with Jalapeno AIoli and a Tomato-Bacon Jam

Let me just say that this recipe is fantastic! Here’s a picture of the one we created using Brasstown Beef with a Jalapeno AIoli and a Tomato-Bacon Jam. It was served up on a toasted Kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato and gouda cheese.

I started the Tomato-Bacon Jam first off since it was going to take the longest to prepare.

The onions and the bacon cooking to perfection:13563570_10210237684837715_1287814320_n

The rest of the ingredients added in. This is before the sauce thickened. It takes around 45-50 minutes for the sauce to reach the perfect thickness. As it cools, it will thicken up a tad more.13563607_10210237682557658_550232500_n

Then my little side kick (Luke) came in and helped with the AIoli.13563342_10210237682397654_708597115_n

It was big, messy and delicious! This will without a doubt be made again.13551044_10210237684637710_654804634_n

Where can you find the recipe?

You can find the recipe for this burger HERE.brasstown

As I mentioned, we used Brasstown Beef for our burger. You can learn more about them HERE

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