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Owner/Founder of As They Grow Up

My name is Samantha and blog from beautiful Western North Carolina. I grew up here and feel blessed that I’m able to continue living here and raising our four wonderful children.  I have been married to my amazing husband for 11 years, but we have been together for much longer than that.  
As I mentioned, we have four blessings. Keanu is 24, Angelica is 21, Davis is 9 and Luke, my little firecracker is 5. We are a homeschooling family, which is something that I never planned on doing.  My girls went to public school and D went to Pre-school and Kindergarten. We had a few obstacles and felt at this time in our lives, homeschooling was the best option. I prayed like I had never prayed before when making this decision.  I wanted to make sure 100% that God knew what he was doing by leading us into homeschooling.  We watched our once happy little boy become sad and just turn into a different person during the last year he was in regular school. He was bullied and picked on and I didn’t want that for him.  I put this in God’s hands and we are making it work.  I was terrified that I couldn’t homeschool the boys. We have our days, but those days just mean more prayers are going up.
Before I became a Stay-At-Home mom with the boys, I worked at a local building company and did accounts payable/receivable.  I loved my job, but there were many years that I wished for the opportunity to stay at home with my girls. When D was born, I originally took six weeks off work.  Those six weeks ended and I just couldn’t go back.  Isn’t it amazing how sometimes things just work out? Now by this time, my girls weren’t too thrilled that I was staying home. They had their “routines” that they did after school and during the summer and felt that I was invading their time.  Eventually they stopped complaining…to me anyway. 🙂 
My 24 year old is now a RN at a local hospital, my 21 year old is currently enrolled in college and working at a local tech support place (she is a techie like her dad) and my husband and I staying pretty busy with the boys. I have to admit that boys are so much different than girls, or in my case they are.  
The boys love biking, hiking, camping and organic gardening and my husband and I love being able to teach them these things!