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Minecraft Party Ideas & Free Printables
Last week was a crazy week.  Our youngest had requested a Minecraft birthday party and it’s basically impossible to find decorations.  This meant that I had to “craft” my own decorations and with the help of my oldest daughter we pulled it off and had a very happy five-year old.  Here are some pictures from our Minecraft party.party
As with any party, you have to have cute invites.  Since we couldn’t find any Minecraft Party Invitations I decided to make our own. Little man was very pleased with how they turned out.  I printed them two per page on card-stock paper and just cut them apart. 


My oldest daughter took on the task of the cake this year.  Last year we joined forces to create a LEGO cake, and this year she took the reins and did it all.  She did a great job, and little man said that his cake “tasted like awesomeness”. She simply used Rice Crispy Treats and brownies, and the along the top she placed little LEGO Minecraft figures.  Needless to say, it was a hit with the little guy.cake

We had to change a few things up since he insisted on another Minecraft party this year. This year, we had a small and simple celebration, so he decided on a creeper cake. It was chocolate on the inside and the creeper face was done with melted chocolate.

Of course I wasn’t able to find the super cute Minecraft party plates and cups, which once again meant that I needed to recreate something.  I purchased the clear plastic plates at the store and painted creeper faces on the backside of those and then added mod podge since I knew the boys would want to use them after the party.  Sure, that meant that I had to hand wash the plates, but that was ok.

12248635_10208397054943118_1284173311_nI basically did the same thing with the cups, but used a permanent marker to draw on the creeper faces. It took some time, but was well worth it to see the excitement in the little man’s face.

I used a permanent marker to draw on the creeper faces. I can’t draw by any means, so put a picture inside the cup and traced it.

Hard Plastic 10-Ounce Party CupsHard Plastic 10-Ounce Party CupsMember's Mark Clear Plastic Plates, 6.25Member’s Mark Clear Plastic Plates, 6.25″ (110 ct.)


To enter into the area where most of the party was going to happen, we decided to make it a Nether Portal entrance.  I did an easy banner (nothing fancy) but the kiddos loved it.  They picked out the streamer colors to use.

netherportal>>>>FREE Minecraft Nether Portal Banner Download<<<<

And since he had so much fun with this party, here is an updated photo from this year as well. Instead of using streamer for the entrance into the Nether Portal, I used THIS tinsel foil fringe in black and purple.

The food table was fun to decorate.  I order the grass you see on the table from amazon. For reference, there are three grass mats on this table.  Once you spread them  out, they are pretty wide.  I did tape them to the table cloth to keep them spread out, but the tape wasn’t visible at all.I also used this chocolate brown table cloth. I was going for the grass block look. 

Beistle 57161 Packaged Tissue Grass Mats, 15Beistle 57161 Packaged Tissue Grass Mats, 15″ x 30″, 2 Per PackageCreative Converting Touch of Color Plastic Table Cover, 54 by 108-InchCreative Converting Touch of Color Plastic Table Cover, 54 by 108-Inch


I created a Happy Birthday banner.  Once again, the banner was pretty basic. I had printed so many labels and things in color, I opted for simplicity with the banner.

Minecraft food table5

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Minecraft Food Tents

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As with any Minecraft party, we had to have a Brewing Stand.  Talk about excitement.  Everyone..and I mean EVERYONE had to have potion from the table.  This was not optional (per the birthday boy)

We also had to have Creeper Toss as part of the party. For the bags to toss, we filled green and black balloons with rice.

creepertossAfter the basics were complete, then it was time for the fun begin.  Basically everyone thought I had lost my mine.  Was it garbage or art? They had to be the judge, but honestly…it’s hard to beat upcycling, especially when it’s being turned into Minecraft decorations.

Yes, that was a lot of boxes. Some I ended up using and others I didn’t. The only reason I didn’t use them all is that I ran out of time for crafting.  The original plans involved a zombie and cow too, but there just wasn’t enough hours in the day.  However, these are our creations we made using the boxes.

Can’t have a Minecraft party without a Creeper.

<span style=

<span style=

Speaking of the Steve Heads,I’m pretty sure everyone enjoyed them. The Steve Head directions can be found HERE. I wasn’t able to find an 11×11 box.  All I had was 12×12 but it did work.  


A few more decorations:


His Happy Birthday area had changed some this past year since it was a smaller celebration, but as you can see the creeper table cloth made yet another appearance. I’m just glad I stored everything up after his party. We used the green and black tinsel for this area.

We had a blast and without a doubt, I’m sure all the characters we crafted will float around the house for several months.  The Creeper is at our sliding door welcoming all guests into the house.

Minecraft Party Labels - Untitled Page (4)



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