Jakks Pacific: Style Six Silk Screener

What little girl doesn’t dream of becoming a fashion designer one day. I remember when I was little, my cousin and I would play forever with drawing these beautiful new designs on paper and even making clothes for our dolls. Ofcourse, in those days that was about we had available. In today’s world, there seems …

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Halloween Fun: Where’s My Mummy Book Review

I believe that everyone should read to their children. There is just something magical about a child’s imagination that allows them to actually feel as if they are going on the adventures that are in the book.  When my girls were little, we read all the time.  I can say that we probably devoted at …

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hatley pink bear collection

Hatley Pink Bear Collection Review

Today kicks of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Also, during the month of October, Hatley will be donating 20% of online sales from the Hatley Pink Bear Collection to Breast Cancer Research. The Pink Bear Collection is an absolutely adorable collection!  Hatley is one of our favorite stores to purchase outdoor themed products in.  One reason …

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Wanchai Ferry Review & (Giveaway Closed)

When I had the opportunity to try the Wanchai Ferry meals, I wasn’t really sure how it was going to taste.  I was honestly expecting a meal that tasted like every other frozen food.  Alot of the market seem to have the same taste regardless of what they are suppose to be.  However, to my …

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BoneFish Grill Restaurant Review

BoneFish was created when the two founders set out to create a unique dining experience.  One that would help take the mystery out of fish.  On January 15, 2000 in St. Petersburg, Florida, the first Bonefish Grill was born. People turned out in droves! The success of their vision has generated restaurant growth that has …

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Internet Password Organizer Review & Giveaway

Passwords.  Really, do I have to say more?  We all know how difficult it can be from time to time to remember a password to an account that you may only need to visit one a month, or let’s not forget email addresses.  I don’t know about you but I have a personal one, a …

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Curious Chef

My two year old loves helping me in the kitchen and I have to say that he is becoming a great chef.  Not only does he love to cook, but jumps right in on the clean up as well!  The only problem we have faced in the past with cooking is trying to find cooking …

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Umi Shoes Fall Line Review

At the first of summer I did a review on Umi Shoes.  You can read my review of these shoes HERE.  At the time I did the review, my son had been wearing these shoes for around a month.  When I say “wearing”, I mean they were his favorite shoes.  These shoes traveled with us …

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Ready Go Play-Doh Photo Contest

Ready Go Play-Doh Photo Contest and the NEW Burger Builder

I wanted to start off with letting you know that Play-Doh is kicking off a Ready Go Play-Doh Photo Contest!  The entry is not only easy, but is a fantastic opportunity to spend wonderful creative time with your child! Details : Kids 10 years of age and younger can enter the Hasbro Ready Go Play-Doh …

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hip on sunset

Hip On Sunset Review

I love when I am able to find cool yet adorable (he is my baby) clothes for my 2-year-old. He is always on the go and the typical boy. He loves cars, motorcycles and all those wonderful activities. Hip on Sunset has the best variety when it comes to finding what he loves. We recently …

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Babywearing Sleepy Bear

My son has absolutely always adored stuffed bears, so when Parent Reviewers gave us the opportunity to review this fabulous Sleepy Bear I just couldn’t say no.  For some reason, I was picturing this bear to be small, so I was very impressed with the size of this when it arrived at my door.  This …

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CamelBak Water Bottle Review

My kids are always on the go and sometimes it can be hard to keep them hydrated!  While there are tons of different water bottles on the market, my son is extremely picky about what he drinks out of.  It is safe to say we have been through tons of different ones.  It may be …

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Better Together Political Shirts Review

My 14 year old is very much into politics. She went head first into the 2009 presidential election and never looked back.  From attending meetings and even functions, she is always there.  She has friends that are different than her political stand point, and it’s always neat to watch 14 year olds debate on topics …

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Targus Eco-Smart Grove Sling Bag Review

Our family is always in need of a great laptop bag. My husband used the same one for years until it finally gave out on him not too long ago, so that is when the hunt began. He is a little picky about the type of bag he prefers to carry, not to mention that …

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StarFrit Non-Stick Frying Pan Review

For many, many years I have always used non-stick pots and pans for everything that I cook pretty much. I do on occasion cook with cast iron, but who am I kidding. Even though they do cook wonderfully, I really hate cleaning them and re-seasoning them in the end. Over the past two years, I …

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