Woodland Themed Baby Shower and Free Printables

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This weekend we celebrated the upcoming birth of our grandson with a Woodland Themed Baby Shower. Our daughter chose the theme and left the rest to me. Free Woodland Themed Baby Shower Printables

Woodland Themed Baby Shower

Last weekend was our daughter and son-in-laws baby shower. It was such a special day, being surrounded by all our friends and family. Each one excited to welcome the new little arrival into the world.

Since our daughter lives out of town, it was up to me to help pull her baby shower together. After tossing ideas back and forth with her, we both decided that we adored the Woodland Themed Baby Shower look. All the adorable forest friends, along with a country/rustic look you can bring into play was perfect.

Woodland Themed Baby Shower

Wanting to keep the shower budget friendly, we knew DIY projects were in order.  The guest tables were decorated using  white plastic table clothes, covered with burlap runners.  We cut wood for the centerpiece and gathered greenery from the woods. It isn’t every day one forages through the woods in order to decorate a shower.woodland themed baby shower

The food table, I used a brown table cloth to set it apart, and then purchase those cute little cupcake covers off amazon. They turned out amazing, and to our surprise they were two sided!Woodland Themed Baby Shower

What’s a shower without games and a raffle. We did a diaper raffle, and the clothespin game. Everyone had to wear a clothespin, and if someone heard you say the word “baby” they could take it. The one with the most clothespins at the end of the shower won a prize. This was a tough one for sure. We had three babies there and of course one on the way.  

Games like word scramble, guess the belly size and more were fun for everyone! The guessing the belly size was a blast. Believe it or not, it came down to two guys that were the closest.woodland themed baby shower


Woodland Themed Baby Shower Printable

This free printable pack is the one we used at our daughter’s Woodland Themed Baby shower. It includes:
• How Big is Mommy’s Belly
• Don’t Say Baby 
• Diaper Raffle Tickets Here 
• Word Scramble 
• Guess Who? Mommy or Daddy 
• Advice for Mommy and Daddy  
• Baby Predictions 
• Diaper Raffle Cards for including in invitations
• Books for Baby Cards for including in invitations
Free Woodland Themed Baby Shower Printables

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