Laundry Room Revamp!

A couple weeks ago I had the bright idea to revamp our laundry room.  As I was beaming from ear to ear describing what I wanted to do my husband was all but thrilled. Although he shook his head over another one of my hair-brained ideas, he was a trooper and helped a TON!

Laundry Room Revamp

Our laundry room hosts a door that we go in and out of to get outside.  It is a catch-all for everything including shoes, my purse(s), eBay items, yard sale, and thrift store finds, arts and crafts, tools, stored food and of course laundry.  It is the convenient drop off location for everyone in the house.  Where the laundry is concerned, I not only have household laundry but also clothing from the business I co-own that needs “special treatment”.  To have so much laundry one must really enjoy it right?  On occasion I do but it also gets real overwhelming real quick! Here are some pictures of what it looked like when we first got started (perfect candidate for one of those crazy clutter home shows?):

Laundry Room Revamp

Organizing and Painting 

Once I got a good handle on cleaning this disaster up I headed to Lowes to get paint.   Color on the walls was what I wanted the most and although we did paint around some of the stuff, the majority of it was cleaned up. It is safe to say that Jason and I absolutely without-a-doubt hate to paint.  Rolling paint is fun for about five minutes…long enough to make a mess, look around and whine about the rest that still has to be done.  I am also a very messy painter, I am talking on the floors, me, ceiling and anything else that may be within several feet of me.  Of course, our little helpers (2 and 7) wanted to “help” so you can just imagine how fun and messy that was.

Olympic’s Techno Collection

We used colors from Olympic’s Techno Collection.  Three of the walls are a Safe Harbor Blue and the trim is Black Forest.  Like most every other room in our house we have an accent wall which is a different color.  I decided on Field Poppy and got busy painting it one day while the hubby was at work.  I was not fond of it but being the optimistic person he is he told me it looked pretty decent.  Not even a week later he responded with “the orange has got to go” and I couldn’t have agreed more!  Field Poppy quickly became Forsythia Blossom.

The finished look

I was not 100% sure on what type of decor I wanted to go with but knew I wanted it to be fun.  I had recently picked up a vintage United States Postal Cart and wanted to use it as my new laundry hamper.  Caroline is also very much into art and now that the fridge is exploding with art I decided I could dedicate a wall in the laundry room to her and Jaydon’s artwork.  Afterall, I do spend a lot of time in there and would have the opportunity to admire their masterpieces.  Speaking of masterpieces, about six years ago I picked up a piece of canvas art at a Goodwill.  Jason and I used it as decoration in our apartment but once we moved into our new home it no longer fit.  I wanted to ditch it a long time ago but dear husband insisted on keeping it….so there it sat….in the closet….then under the bed just collecting dust until now.  His beloved canvas art has landed its very own wall in our redesigned laundry room!  Finally, I love vinyl lettering on walls so after searching long and hard on Ebay and found the perfect saying at the perfect price that now lies above our washer and dryer.




Once the laundry room was de-cluttered, painted and decorated I gave the washer and dryer a heavy duty clean.  I cannot express just how important cleaning the dryer vents and hoses are!! I also swept, vacuumed and mopped (hands and knees style) the floor.  I have some more ideas and finishing touches up my sleeve that I want to add but like everything else, that will require time and money. We also have another project well underway that I can’t wait to share with you all in the coming weeks!



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