2018-2019 Free Student Planner

That time of year is fast approaching. As we wrap up our current school year, we’ll soon start planning the next. Whether you take a summer break or school year round, one thing is for sure. Planning ahead helps a school day run smooth. That’s why I have redesigned our student planner for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year.Student Planner

Student Planner

Over the past few years, I’ve been working a planner layout that we loved. Each year, I revamp and redesign until I’ve finally found a layout that works for our family. We’ve loved this layout so much, I’ve decided to share it with all our readers.

This is a dated student planner that goes from June 1, 2018 through June 1, 2019. It has subject areas filled in and ample space to write the daily assignments for each class. This is a 7-day week layout. Saturday and Sunday are smaller sections, and I’ve also included a section for the weekly spelling words to go. The spelling words section has proven to be a hit with my boys.Student planner

On the bottom of each week, I’ve also included a “What I’m Reading” section. Here the kids can put the book they’re currently reading, the author and how well they are enjoying the book.

I’ve made sure to include an at-a-glance calendar in the front, as well as an attendance calendar for those that need to keep track of attendance.Student Planner

At the end of the planner you’ll find a reading log, where once again they can enter what they’re reading, the pages they’ve read, etc. This has been a great way for me to keep track with approx. how many pages the kids are reading each day during their reading time, and a great reference when it comes to looking back on the books we’ve covered throughout the year.

We love using the field trip form and keeping it as part of our student planner. When we return from a trip, the kids fill it out and it’s a great way to look back on all the activities and trips we took throughout the year.

You can download your FREE copy of the 2018-2019 Student Planner HERE.2018-2019 Student Planner

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