4th of July Layered Drink For Kids

My boys love these drinks, but they are particularly fond of them during our 4th of July celebrations. They are easy to make and always get a thumbs up from the kiddos. 4th of July Layered Drink For Kids

When we first started doing these creations a few years back, my husband had his doubts that it could be pulled off. My take was if it fails..it fails, right? Luckily, it didn’t fail.

The cool part about this is it isn’t just a fun 4th of July drink, but it’s also a science experiment as well. Basically the reason it works is that in a dense liquid, all the particles that make up the liquid are packed together tightly, forming a liquid that is more solid and capable of supporting liquids that are less dense, or that have particles that are more loosely packed together.

When you layer the drinks, you start with the liquid that has the most sugar and highest density.  In our case, it was the cranberry juice, followed by the Sprite and then finished off with blue Powerade. Had we of used diet sprite, then the blue (powerade) would come before the white (sprite).  IMG_9128I’m not gonna lie.  My husband makes a better layered drink than I do.IMG_9052  You have to pour the layers very slow and apparently I just can’t master that, but that’s alright. The kiddo that got my drink didn’t have any complaints on the taste.IMG_9134

Layered Drinks
Easy, Fun and Festive Drink
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  1. Cranberry Juice
  2. Sprite
  3. Blue Powerade
  4. Ice
  1. Fill glasses 2/3 full with ice
  2. Pour the cranberry juice about one-third of the way up each glass.
  3. Very slowly pour in the sprite another third of the way up the glass.
  4. Finally, slowly pour the blue Powerade to the top of the glass.
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