6th Grade Curriculum Choices For 2018-2019

It’s hard to believe that time has come to share with all of you our 6th Grade Curriculum Choices for 2018-2019.  This is our sixth year homeschooling and time has flown by.  Over the course of these 6 years, we’ve had curriculum that we’ve loved and some that just wasn’t a great fit for us.  Each of my boys learn completely different, so it’s very rare for me to combine courses and to even hold on to a curriculum to use again. 

6th Grade Curriculum Choices

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This year for our Bible study, we chose to use Memoria Press Christian Studies I for 3rd-6th grade. This is a three-year reading course that builds faith by teaching Salvation History as real history. It’s designed so they will learn the fundamentals of Bible stories, history, and geography.


For History, we’ll be using the Notgrass From Adam to Us. Last year was our first year using a Notgrass history and we loved it! Not only does your child learn history, but you also cover literature, geography, and language arts.


Last year for Math, we started out using Math Lessons for Living Education. This was a wonderful way to start out the year since my then 5th grader was having a hard time grasping some of the Math concepts. Once he began to understand it and gain confidence, we switched to Abeka 5th grade Math. This was a wonderful transition for us and he actually enjoyed it. This year, we’ll be using Abeka Math 6.


With just completely Apologia Zoology 3 for the 2017-2018 school year, we decided to tackle Apologia Zoology 2 this year. The great thing about this curriculum is that you don’t have to go in order. We had an amazing year with learning about all the different land animals, and are very excited to dig into the Swimming Creatures

Language Arts/Grammar

English is going to be a little different this year. After using BJU with my rising 3rd grader, I quickly fell in love with the curriculum. After a lot of research, I decided that this was a wonderful option when it came to our English. So we’ll be working through the BJU English 6.


Last year we started using the Christian Liberty Press Spelling. While it is a little difficult we still enjoyed it and will continue using it for this year.


For our handwriting curriculum, I’m going to be using the BJU Handwriting 3. We’ve put off learning cursive in our homeschool, and so far have been very pleased with this handwriting curriculum.


Our homeschool wouldn’t be complete without adding a coding program to our line-up. This year, we’re going to be using the Chibi Chip Love To Code Starter Kit to learn the basics of coding using electric circuits made of simple materials like paper, foil tape, and stick-on LEDs. Read more about this product and why we chose to add coding to our homeschool HERE.

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