A Day in our Homeschool

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I wish I was able to tell you that I had this amazing scheduled that we followed day in and day out in our homeschool but I can’t.  I am basically a fly by my pants, barely beating a deadline type person.  Don’t get me wrong.  We have tried schedules, and I don’t mean boring schedules..I mean super awesome schedules. However, the reality is…we just do better without them, and at the end of the day we can always say we learned and had fun.  Here is what a day in our homeschool looks like:a day in our homeschool

A Day In Our Homeschool

I’m usually up around 5:30 every morning. This gives me time to get my husband’s breakfast and lunch packed for his day, blog work done and a little reading before the boys rise and shine.

When they get up, they are ready to immediately eat breakfast.  That is one thing that’s very routine in our house.  Not only do they want to eat as soon as they wake up, but for the most part they want the same thing every day.DSC_0425

While they enjoy their breakfast, we do a daily devotional and our read aloud for the day.  DSC_1030Once everyone has finished eating and the read aloud is complete, I then give my kindergartener a play break and focus on my 3rd grader for just a little while.  We go over this work for the day and talk about it.   Once he is all set, that’s when I pull the youngest back over to begin school time as well.

I usually let the boys decide what subject they are going to do first.  Since we have been using Math-U-See, my eight-year old looks forward to math every day, so this is usually the subject he starts with. This is a huge improvement for him.  Before this, he cried every day knowing he had to do math.

As luck would have it, usually my five-year old starts his day off with math.  This is hands down one of his favorite subjects, next to science. We use Horizons K for his math. Some times we have rough weeks, and those weeks  I switch it up a little and give him worksheets that I have made for him. Today was a special treat. He loves “stacked” math that he can carry numbers in.math

Math is usually followed by our Language Arts.  I use Memoria Press with my oldest, and our youngest uses Horizons K.  We also add in Here to Help Learning two days a week.  Both boys use this program and we LOVE it!day2

Their day starts going a little different after Language Arts.  My oldest goes to History and the little breaks for some moving around time. Lately we have worked on Homeschool In The Woods Election lap pak.  While we’re working on this, my five-year old drags out his little army men and plays while he listens.

Once we wrap up with History for my oldest, he then takes a short break and that’s when I do History with the little.  We have recently started Homeschool In The Woods Benjamin Franklin with him.  He is really enjoying it, but keeps telling me that he needs a stump speaking section in his book like his brother has.

Next up….the DING, DING, DING of the lunch bell.  I’m being serious about this.  The boys have their watch alarms set to let me know that we are approaching lunch.  My little guy’s watch alarm is set to go off an hour before his brothers.  So we basically have first lunch (we rarely take that one) and then second lunch.  I mean, Batman needs to refuel in order to get through the rest of the day..IMG_1609

If it’s a pretty day, we head outdoors for them to run off a little energy after lunch.  This is usually for around 30 minutes or so and then we head back indoors to wrap up our day. day8 Once we come in, my oldest does his reading time.  He reads 30 minutes a day. DSC_1035

While he is reading, I do Science with my five-year-old.  We have been doing EdTechLens Rainforest Journey as part of our Science and he loves this so much, that he hangs around and sits through his brother’s lesson as well.DSC_1039

Then we flip-flop it around usually.  Little dude reads, while my oldest does his Science.  Notice I said usually.  Like I mentioned earlier, since we have added EdTechLens, his reading is usually a little later.

This marks the ends of our school day for the most part.  Twice a week we do art.  It completely varies from week to week. Some weeks we paint, some weeks we craft airplanes, etc.art

So there you have it.  That’s how our school day goes.  Once school is over, I squeeze in a quick workout.  It’s my stress reliever and let’s face it…not every day goes smoothly. We have days where we don’t wrap up until 4. We have days where tears are involved. We have days where for some reason or another, one of the boys can take an hour to do one math problem.  But with all that, I wouldn’t trade this crazy life of ours for anything in the world!

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