April Homeschool Favorites

I’m jut going to go ahead and thrown this out there. Yes, it’s May and I’m just now getting up our April Homeschool Favorites. Even though April flew with a blink of eye, we had a lot of fun in our homeschool. The boys are currently wrapping up this school year and I’m already starting to plan the upcoming, but that’s enough about all that. Let’s get to our top 3 favorites for the month of April.

First off, here’s the video which talks more about these products, and show them in action:

Who Was Series from Penguin Random House:
This series could easily make it into our favorites every month. It’s a series that we use almost weekly in our homeschool to dive deeper into whatever person, place or time we’re learning about. Currently, you can find several books in this series marked down on Amazon. For the most part, I usually pay around $5.99 for ours, but right now some are priced at around $2.60. Is this going to be the standing price for some of these? I have no idea, but I do know that I’ve been purchasing what I don’t have while they’re at this amazing price and they have been selling out fast. So be sure to check those deals out HERE.

Pajaggle Board Game:
Pajaggle is a super fun combination of a puzzle and a game designed for ages 8+. The deluxe version that we received comes with:

8.5″x12″ Tournament Board
61 lime green game pieces
61 orange game pieces
Pajaggle playbook

Not only do our kids enjoy this game, but my husband and I enjoy it as well. See Pajaggle in action.

Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Bug Vac ‘n’ View
This is such a fun toy for the little explorers. It includes 2 bug chambers with built-in 4X magnifier and air holes that are perfect for them to view the bugs once collecting them. It also comes with a handy bug observation guide.

Drive-Thru History: The Gospels
The Gospels” is a three set DVD series that’s designed for all ages, and comes beautifully packaged in a full-color study guide.Inside the study guide the glossy pages are filled with stunning photographs from the Holy Land along with exquisite photos of religious art work that can be seen throughout the episodes. You’ll also find a few pages for each episode that includes discussion questions, Bible reading passages, summary, and “Side Road” information that explains a little more about the topic covered per episode.

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