BBP Hybrid Hauler Bag Review

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My husband takes his laptop to work with him daily. When it came time to start looking for a new bag, I discovered the Hybrid Hauler bag. This particular bag caught my eye because it can be used as a messenger bag or a backpack, which to me is a fantastic feature. My husband sometimes rides his motorcycle to work, so I knew that any bag I looked at would have to be a backpack. I never dreamed I would find one that was so versatile.Hybrid Hauler Bag

Hybrid Hauler Bag

With being able to make a quick move from a backpack to a messenger bag, my husband absolutely loves this bag. Also, once it is switched to a backpack you have the option to use the sternum and waist straps for extra support if you need it. On top of it being extremely room and lightweight, this laptop bag really offers it all.

The Hybrid Hauler carries his Mac along with everything else he needs for work and he has really put it to the test this past month. He has been very pleased with all the functions of this laptop bag. To give you an idea of how spacious the bag is, it recently went on vacation with us. Not only did it hold my husbands computer and his things, but I also placed mine in a protective sleeve and put it in there also. I was amazed with all the room.

BBP bags was founded in 2005 by Sean Lee. After suffering from years from 3 herniated discs. The Hybrid Hauler is a convenient design that uses the Bak2Pack carry system which lets this bag be used as a backpack one minute and then a single strap messenger back the next. It only takes a second to switch it over.

What is the Bak2Pak System?

Bak2Pak system rides near your bum and has a lower center of gravity reducing back strain. Pulls shoulders back for good posture. No more sweaty back as well.

The Hybrid Hauler bag is a hip bag and is available in Navy and Olive colors. The exterior and interior fabric of this bag is made of durable high quality nylon that is also water resistant. The straps are padded for that extra comfort and it also comes with a padded laptop divider. This bag is not only a fantastic laptop bag, but it would also be a great bag for high school and college students to carry their books in. I would have loved to find a backpack that worked like this when I was in college. All the books that I had to carry loaded down my backpack and made it tough on my back using the traditional backpack.

Features of the Hybrid Hauler

  • Revolutionary Bak2Pak carrying system (patent pending)
    Multiple Ways to carry (5)
    *Backpack on both shoulders
    *Backpack on one shoulder
    *Single strap on outside shoulder
    *Single strap across body and opposite shoulder
    *Reinforced grab handle on top of bag
  • Laptop Divider-Light Laptop Protection
  • Lumbar “bum” pads to cushion the bag against your lower back
  • Roll up tabs to reduce excess strap length on the shoulder straps
  • Mesh padded straps to keep you comfortable and dry
  • Sternum and waist straps for added support
  • Loads of pockets for all your accessories
  • Keyring Clip
  • Water Resistant


If you are searching for a great laptop bag, visit BBP and check out the Hybrid Hauler! It retails for $74.99. BBP also carries Breathe Sleeves and Expand-It Messenger Bags. While visit BBP, if you find something you like they are offering my readers a 10% off non-clearance items by entering code: 10ATGU.

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This is solely the opinion of As They Grow Up. Other people may have different experiences with the product.Thank you to BBP for providing a product to test.

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