10 Best Board Games for Kids This Holiday Season

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This year I’ve decided to take a different approach when it comes to our Gift Giving Guides. After much thought, I decided to kick off our holiday gift guide with the best board games for kids.  best board games

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Best Board Games for Kids

Decided to kick off our holiday gift guide with board games was easy. We have a huge collection of family board games since we do a weekly game night. We enjoy games so much, that it isn’t uncommon at all for us to pull them out several times a week. Now obviously I did create this list on my own. I had the help of the ten and seven year old. They pulled out all their favorites and we slowly narrowed down the list, which is:

Doggie DooBest Board Games

I was very surprised when both boys pulled Doggie Doo as their top favorite board game when asked to narrow now their list. Not that it’s a bad game, but if I’m being completely honest here the little pellets can get jammed every once in awhile.  Apparently this little issue doesn’t take the fun out of the game for my boys. This game has my kids rolling in laughter.

Top That!Top That board game

We’ve had the game Top That! for awhile now. This speed stacking game is recommended for ages 6 and up.

Archery DiceArchery Dice

Archery Dice by SimplyFun is recommended for ages 7+ and is a pretty quick game. Basically you stack your dice, take aim, and flick. The goal is to hit the bulls eye and bank the targets. The first person to bank four targets win.

Kaboom!Kaboom Game

Kaboom by Blue Orange is a fast pace game that’s recommended for ages 6 and up. The object of the game is to race to stack up your pieces to build as many towers as possible while your opponent launches catapults to smash them down.

Operation:Despicable Me EditionOperation Board Game

This game is very similar to the original version. You use the tweezers to collect pieces and help Dave recover. Object of the game is to avoid getting buzzed and collect the most funatomy pieces to win!

Catch the FoxCatch the fox

Catch the Fox is a game for the entire family.  You roll the dice to determine how many chickens you place in the fox’s pants.  Once the chickens are in place, you press his head one time.  Eventually that sneaky fox will lose his pants…that’s when the fun begins.  Players rush to grab the chickens with using only one hand. The first person to fill their coop wins the game! 

Thumbs Up!thumbs up

Thumbs up is a dexterity game that’s perfect for ages 6+. The object of the game is to flip a card over and try to put the colors in order on your thumb. There are different strategies for being the fastest, the trick is finding what works best for you.

Goblet GobblersGoblet Gobblers

Goblet Gobblers has been a huge hit in our home for many years.  It’s one of those games that gets pulled out numerous times a week and even taken on vacation with us.  Recommended for ages 5+, this game plays like tic-tac-toe.

Shark Biteshark bite

This is a game that’s played several times a month in our house. Recommended for ages 4+, it’s fun for the entire family. This is a quick game and the element of surprise keeps them loving this game.

Pie Facepie face

I’ll never forget when I bought this game for the boys, the first words from my husband’s mouth was “that’s a waste of food.” I get it..I really do. It is a waste of whipped cream, or is it? This game has been a huge hit for the entire family and is often pulled out when we have get-togethers. I suppose I could say it’s a waste of good whipped cream, if the boys didn’t always aim for their mouth. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about a few of our favorite board games. Does your family have favorites? I’d love to hear about them.

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