DIY Bottle Ring Toss Game

Who doesn’t enjoy a little friendly competition with the family? With this DIY  Bottle Ring Toss Game, the family is sure to have a fun time! We are looking forward to pulling it out for our July 4th celebrations.
Bottle Ring Toss Game

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DIY Bottle Ring Toss Game

Who doesn’t love a game of bottle ring toss? This easy DIY is one that the entire family can have fun making. You go with the patriotic red, white, and colors, or let your creativity run wild! Here’s how we made ours.

What you’ll need for this craft:

12-15 glass bottles
Wooden crate
Spray paint
Acrylic paint (optional: if you want to paint your crate)
Rust-Oleum Crystal Clean Enamel
Nylon rope for making the rings

For this Bottle Ring Toss Game, I pulled out the stash of old bottles that we’ve been saving for some time. I ended up using 15 bottles in order to get a secure fit with my crate.

If  bottles still have the labels on them, it’s time to give them a little soak.  I soak ours in very hot water for an hour or so. This really helps the label peel off easily. If it still leaves behind a sticky residue, I recommended using a little lemon essential oil. It will take the sticky right off!

After labels have been removed and the jars dried, it’s time to paint. I prefer using Rust-Oleum paint on crafts like this. When I painted the white bottles I used what I already had on hand, and I was disappointed with the way they turned out. bottles

I ended up giving them two coats of paint.  Once the paint dried, I used Rust-Oleum Crystal Clear Enamel as the last step.bottles3

Where can I find a crate?

This is one of those things that add an even more personal touch to your craft.  I actually upcycled an old wooden box I had from when my boys were little. It at one time held wooden toys.  If you aren’t able to locate one at a thrift store or have one on hand already, it can be easily made.

How do I make the rings?

Take some polypropylene rope and measure the length you need. Once cut, melt the ends together. That’s it.  The rings are now ready to toss.bottles7

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    What is the approx diameter of the rings?

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