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I recently purchased a new laptop since I knew that we would be going out of town more and with a new laptop, I really wanted a way to protect it during travel. I recently had the opportunity to try the BuiltNY Bumper Laptop Sleeve. This sleeve is not only stylish but also does what it needs to do which is to help protect my laptop.

We recently went out of town and I packed my laptop in with my husbands laptop on the same bag. He had a divider but we also had our chargers in there. I simply placed mine in the sleeve and then into his laptop bag. It worked fantastic and kept my laptop super safe and not a scratch was on it once we arrived at our destination.

The Bumper Laptop Sleeve is padded to help keep your computer just a little safer, plus it has to zippers for closure. I love the zipper feature on this as well as the material that it is made from. I want my laptop to be as safe as possible at all times.

Features of the Bumper Laptop Sleeve

  • It holds and protects 12-13″ & 15″ laptops
  • Made from 5mm elastic neoprene (wetsuit material)
  • Scalloped design adds extra cushion
  • Soft inner lining protects finish of laptop
  • Checkpoint friendly

From Their Site:BUILT transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Our design team, headed by two of the founders, starts with everyday objects such as bottle totes, lunch bags, and laptop sleeves—then strips away the unnecessary and the expected. Drawing inspiration from the city that never sleeps – and the locals and visitors that inhabit our Soho neighborhood – we apply color and pattern liberally to everything we produce.

BuiltNY not only carries wonderful laptop sleeves, but they have a great selection of baby product like the Double Thirsty Tote that you see pictured here. I have yet to try this, but this is going to be on my list for must haves during the hot summer months. My toddler still has to always have a cup with him and what better way to keep it cool. The Thirsty Bottle Tote keeps drinks cold, soaks up spills and attaches to the stroller, car seat or diaper bag Now if that wasn’t enough, it also is designed so that it stretches to fit bottles, sippy cups, juice boxes, etc.

Built also carries a line of products for food and drink. I always encourage my family to be as eco friendly as possible, so to use a stylish lunch tote over a paper bag is the way to go in my opinion. They have lunch totes that would be appealing to adults as well as children. For instance, I can see the Munchlier that you see pictured here perfect for taking along snacks for my son or even to take the kids on a little pinic at the park on occassion. Also, believe it or not but I know that this wold also appeal to my 14 year old. I mean who wouldn’t love these adorable little lunch totes.

So as summer is getting warmer and you have tons of things you need to do. Check out BuiltNY, because I am sure they would have something that would make a trip, family outting or just day to day activities much easier.


This is solely the opinion of As They Grow Up. Other people may have different experiences with the product.Thank you to BuiltNY for providing a product to test.

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