Celebrate World Turtle Day with GeoSafari® Jr. Great Excavations Turtle™

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There aren’t many things cuter than baby turtles making their way to their new homes in the ocean. The 17th celebration of World Turtle Day® takes place May 23rd, and teaching kids about turtles and conservation efforts through play is a great way to raise awareness!

Being a homeschool mom of littles, I’m always look for fun ideas to help incorporate learning. With World Turtle Day coming up on the 23rd of May, it’s safe to say that we have a fun-filled day ahead!

What is World Turtle Day®

This is a day that was created as an annual observance to help people celebrate and protect turtles and tortoises and their disappearing habitats around the world. This year is the 17th annual World Turtle Day® and is being sponsored by the American Tortoise Rescue, a nonprofit organization established in 1990. To learn ore about World Turtle Day®, visit HERE.World Turtle Day

For our celebration of World Turtle Day we learned about the life of turtles, read a few books on turtles, made tasty desserts and of course headed outdoors to not only enjoy play time in the sandbox using our GeoSafari® Jr. Great Excavations Turtle™ but to also look for turtles.

Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Great Excavations TurtleEducational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Great Excavations Turtle


GeoSafari® Jr. Great Excavations Turtle™

This is such an awesome and sturdy set from GeoSafari® Jr. My little guy was able to excavate and examine his finds in the backyard sandbox and yard. On this particular day, he decided to dig for a few dinosaurs in the sandbox, so that means that every piece of the turtle was used.  

The shovel was perfect for digging up the dinosaur, while the brush and tweezers allowed him to get the fine parts completed before he used the magnifier to take a closer look.  This set features five kid-friendly tools that are tough enough for any adventure, and this is perfect for STEM learning. This set comes with:

• Turtle tool with shell sifter and 4 detachable tool legs
• Includes easy-store, snap-in mini shovel, brush, 2x magnifier, and tweezers

They always have tons of fun finding and learning more about all the little critters that live in our backyard.

So the question remains…did we find a turtle. We did indeed find an adorable little turtle. He wasn’t near the pond, but on the outskirts of the yard. He was such a cute little turtle.

I had to snap a few pictures and then let him on his way. Of course the kids wanted to keep them, but we had to explain that he would be much happier in his natural habitat.

Head over the Educational Insights to learn more about the GeoSafari® Jr. Great Excavations Turtle™ and other GeoSafari® Jr. pieces.

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