The Crazy Scientist Lab – Magnetic Wonder Review

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Summer has arrived and the school year is coming to an end.  While obviously the kids are super excited to see the school year end, most of the time parents are frantically searching for ways to keep their kids entertained.  I have never experienced a single summer in my 25 years of being a mom where I haven’t heard the all to popular phrase “I’m bored.”  This phrase seems to be used more frequently once they have been out of school for a few weeks, and the days get too hot for them to really enjoy being outdoors.  With that being said, why not include a few fun science experiments throughout the summer? Sure, there are kids that aren’t over the moon excited with science, but I’ve yet to find a kid that didn’t love an experiment or two.

Recently we were approached by The Purple Cow to try out one of The Crazy Scientist Lab kits.  They sent up the Magnetic Wonder and my boys have been having so much with these.  Alright, who am I kidding here.  My husband has even been having fun with this kit!  Magnets really are fun for the entire family.

So what exactly is the Magnetic Wonder Kit from The Purple Cow?

As I mentioned, magnets are super fun to play with. Wanna know what makes them even more fun? To be able to take a deeper look at them and getting a real scientific perspective!

In the Magnetic Wonder Kit, you’ll get acquainted with different types of magnets including the awesomely strong Neodymium magnet,  and even “magnetic putty.”  Not only that, but you get to build a real compass and create electromagnets and much more!  Inside this kit, you’ll find everything you need to create over a dozen experiments.

What all does the kit come with?
A Guide
Magnetic putty
(2) Neodymium magnets
(2) Round ceramic magnet with a hole
(3) Rectangular Ceramic Magnets
(6) Wooden sticks
(10) Rubber bands
Cotton thread
Iron Powder
Half a styrofoam ball
Long nail
Electricity Wire
(5) Paper clips
Crazy Scientist cut out

What type of experiments will I find with this kit?
There are a total of 14 easy to do experiments in this kit. A few of our favorites are:

• Creating electrommagnets which is a type of magnet with a magnetic field generated from an electric current. Everything you need to perform this experiment is included with the exception of a AAA battery.
• Building a compass: This experiment you’ll find everything you need included in the kit with the exception of water. The compass is made of a magnetic needle (that’s your pin) that rotates freely on the axis.
• The elephant’s trunk using the two neodymium magnets as well as the magnetic putty. The stronger the magnet around it, the greater the attraction

I know I said a few of our favorites, but honestly I could sit here and list every experiment in the book. Our entire family had fun with everyone of them, and the kids are already asking for additional kits.

To learn more about The Crazy Scientist Lab kits, visit The Purple Cow.

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