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For the past couple of weeks we have focused on the -at Word Family. We focus on four to five words a week. We do worksheets, flash cards and spelling them orally. Along with all, we love reading our phonics books daily and using the FREE CVC -at word family printable I created.12545710_10208813347750178_1885941143_o

At the end of the week we do a simple written spelling test.  All this together has given my five-year old so much confidence in his words. Prior to us doing that, he always sounded the words out, even if he knew them. Since starting this routine, he only sounds out the words he isn’t 100% sure of.  On difficult words I often hear the phrase, “I got this, mom!” atwords

Since these  printables have worked so great with our family, we are happy to share them.  Each week, I will be posting a new packet to cover the different word families.  

This packet includes only the -at Word Family:

•My -at Word Family Color, Read & Write booklet
•Fill in the blank
•and much more!12584147_10208813015861881_1968273786_n

>>>>FREE -at Word Family Printable<<<<

>>>>FREE BONUS: -at Word Family Read & Write Book<<<<
FREE CVC -at Word Family Worksheets

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