Easy DIY Beard Oil

Every year as hunting season starts to approach, Ryan grows a beard. While he did start growing one during the fall this year, he had to say good-bye to it for our daughter’s wedding. Obviously for such an important event there was no hesitation when it came to shaving.

When Ryan had to shave his beard mid-October, I was pretty excited. I mean, hunting season was soon going to be over, so there was not reason to regrow a beard…right? WRONG! He actually went a couple of months and in January decided to start growing it again. Now I’ll admit that I’ve never been a beard-loving kind of girl. I much more prefer the clean shaven face or even better…a little stubble.

Why have I never been a fan of beards? It’s pretty simple really…the beard always feel itchy and coarse and I didn’t care much for it. However, over the past few months, I’ve come around. WHAT? Yep, I’m just as shocked as you might be. Let me repeat that…I’ve come around.

So why the sudden change? Because of two little words…BEARD OIL. Who would have thought that those two simple words would make such a BIG difference when it comes to beards.

What exactly does beard oil do?
• Reduces itchiness
• Helps to eliminate dry skin
• Stimulates the growth of healthy hair
• Promotes healthy skin
• Gives the beard a polished look
and let’s not forget…smells AMAZING!

What Do You Need To Get Started
Here’s a list of products I use for making beard oil:
• Essential Oil: I use a mixture of Doterra and Young Living since it’s what I keep on hand.
• 2 oz. Amber Glass Bottle w/ dropper
• Stainless Steel Mini Funnel
• Sweet Essentials Oil (save 10% off first order with THIS link)

For Finishing Touches:
Beard Brush

1 Tablespoon Jojoba Oil
1 Tablespoon Sweet Almond Oil
1 Tablespoon Fractionated coconut oil
5 drops Cedarwood Oil
5 drops sandalwood oil

In your bottle, add the jojoba oil, almond oil and fractionated coconut oil. Then add your cedarwood and sandalwood essential oils. Put the cap on tight and shake well.

To apply, use your hands or dropped to apply a few drops and massage into the beard and onto the cheeks. Finish by brushing beard.

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