Eye Buy Direct Review

Everyone in my family wears glasses, except for our ten-year old. So as you can imagine, we can go through a lot of eye wear . I recently discovered Eye Buy Direct and couldn’t believe the huge selection of glasses that they had to offer. Not only was I surprised with the huge selection, but the prices were unbeatable. 

My first thought about these glasses were that they wouldn’t be that great because the price was so cheap compared to what we had purchased in the past, plus I had never ordered frames online. Well, I took the plunge and ordered a pair for my thirteen year old and I am so glad I did.

Ordering Process: The ordering process through Eye Buy Direct was a breeze. It was so easy to look through all the different types of frames (even sunglasses) and let’s not forget that they have this great “wall of frame”. You simply upload your photo onto their site and you can see what the glasses would look like on your face, or you can see what they have looked like on other people. It’s almost like being able to try them on in the comfort of you own home!

Shipping and Arrival: The shipping on these frames were fairly quick. We had them in our hands in about 2 weeks from the time I ordered. In my opinion, that is a fair amount if time. Usually at our eye doctor it takes about that long to get a pair back. These eye glasses also arrive with a special case and a wipe cloth, which is great. My daughter seems to always misplace hers ALL the time.

Durability and Comfort: Since these frames were for my daughter, she ultimately did the review process. She has to wear glasses at all times and she has not once complained about these frames. I have, in the past, bought her frames and they never would fit her correctly. However, these fit like a charm even from out of the box. As far as durability goes you can imagine that a thirteen year old has put them to the test. This is a child famous for breaking glasses! We have had these for a month and they have held up amazing. This is a record in our house. These frames have held up well and look as great as the day she put them on.


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