LEGO Valentine’s Day Cards & Bookmarks

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If Minecraft Valentine’s Day cards weren’t enough, my boys also requested LEGO Valentine’s Day cards as well. They each have their favorite characters, which means this particular printable was tons of fun to make.  LEGO Valentine's Day Cards
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LEGO Valentine’s Day Cards

My boys are big into LEGO so they asked if I would make a few different LEGO Valentine’s Day cards and bookmarks for them to hand out to their friends. I couldn’t say no that, right?

My five-year old is a “Valentine’s For Everyone” kind of kid. He insists that he needs to hand out cards to people we see while out. He said it makes them happy. For example: the cashier at the grocery store, the butcher, he even gave one to the doctor and the nurse when he went for his well-child visit.  I’m fine with him doing that. Something as simple as a Valentine from a child can brighten someone’s day.
LEGO Valentine's Day Cards
I hope your family enjoys the LEGO Valentine’s Day Printables as much as we do! We print them all on card stock and then with the bookmarks, I laminate them as well.

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