FREE Printable LEGO Valentine’s Day Cards & Bookmarks

My boys are big into LEGO so they asked if I would make a few different LEGO Valentine’s Day cards and bookmarks for them to hand out to their friends.  Of course I couldn’t say no that, right?  12626201_10208854240052460_1331640062_n

My five-year old is a “Valentine’s For Everyone” kind of kid. He has me keep some in my bag and when we’re out, he likes to give them to people he may see several times a week. For example: the cashier at the grocery store, the butcher, he even gave one to the doctor and the nurse when he went for his well-child visit.  I’m fine with him doing that. Something as simple as a Valentine from a child can brighten someone’s day.

Valentine 3

I hope your family enjoys the LEGO Valentine’s Day Printables as much as we do! We print them all on card stock and then with the bookmarks, I laminate them as well.

>>>>FREE Printable LEGO Valentine’s Day Cards<<<<

>>>>FREE Printable LEGO Valentine Bookmarks<<<<



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