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Summer has arrive in our homeschool and as ready as I am to give the kiddos a break for the summer, I still want them to do educational activities as well. I’m not talking about a full-day of school. Summer is the time when I like pulling in a few electives that we didn’t have time to fit into our school year.

At Homeschool Buyers Co-op right now, they have secured permission from some of their leading publishers to offer their products for FREE for the summer. Some of these that are offered we have first-hand experience with and have been very pleased!

You can choose from any or all of the products below – absolutely FREE!!

CompuScholar (formerly known as Homeschool Programming, Inc.) is one that we have first hand experience with and love it. You can read our review for this product HERE.  

Develop computer skills this summer! 

CompuScholar brings over 20 years of programming experience plus their own homeschooling experience to the creation of the self-study programming courses incl uded in this offer! Each course is a turn-key curriculum that contains a full 1 or 2 semesters of daily lessons and hands-on projects.

Choose from either the Digital Savvy or Web Design online computer programming courses and explore your full access subscription through August 31, 2017.


Writing for Grades 9-12
Institute for Excellence in Writing

Give your child the gift of writing!

This summer, provide experience and inside tips for high school essay writing with High School Essay Intensive from the award-winning Institute for Excellence in Writing.

This subscription includes Part 1A: General Strategies for Essay Writing: Length and Structure in which students will not only learn essay writing skills but also explore paragraph types, examine essay models, and much more.



Learn to play the piano this summer!

This summer, introduce your children to the beauty of playing the piano with a 3-month Membership to HomeSchoolPiano.

HomeSchoolPiano is an award winning, video-based, online piano course accessible on any phone, tablet or computer. Through video and PDF lessons, your students can learn how to become fully expressive piano players who are as comfortable creating music as they are reading music.


Fab@School Maker Studio
Engage aspiring engineers and engineers-to-be!

Has your student wanted to design and create 2D or 3D items such as pop-ups, masks, trees, geometric constructions, buildings, cubes, and working machines? If so, check out Fab@School Maker Studio for the summer.

This easy-to-use, award-winning, web-based digital design and fabrication tool for grades 3-8 from FableVision Learning invites your student to experience STEM (and STEAM) learning in a more engaging way!

Try it for the summer!

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